Family separation is a traumatic experience, which can have long-term emotional and financial implications if not dealt with correctly. Here 123 Divorce explains what makes them different, and how they can make the whole process less painful:

Our family law solicitors understand the emotional turmoil you’re in and have only yours and your family’s best interests at heart. That’s why we do everything we can to put our clients at ease: our passionate experts offer personalised advice regarding divorce, financial disputes, cohabitation issues, and child contact disputes. We are here to guide and reassure you every step of the way.   

“We pride ourselves on being different from other divorce providers.” 

For many years, traditional family law firms have facilitated a “gladiatorial” environment between disputing couples, thus creating an uncooperative and adversarial approach to divorce and financial settlements. This common practice depletes the family ‘money pot’ to the detriment of the whole family and causes unnecessary financial hardship and instability. The only true winners in this scenario are the law firms themselves. 

It is our goal to put an end to this ‘winner/loser’ mentality and to avoid the devastating effects that come with this practice. By resolving family disputes through cooperative and amicable negotiations, we aim to reduce emotional trauma and protect the whole family, as opposed to leaving families fragmented, financially depleted and emotionally scarred. 


Our process is as simple and easy as 123, but our ethos is ABC.” 


Affordable. We are passionate about making family legal services affordable for everyone. This fundamental value is instilled in all our work: to help people achieve access to justice by providing them with affordable yet high-quality expertise. This is what really makes us stand out from other law firms and online providers. 

There are currently only two options available for anyone seeking advice on family law issues; prohibitively expensive traditional high-street law firms, or low-cost and low-quality unqualified and unregulated online providers. We offer the best of both worlds by providing affordable and high-quality comprehensive fixed-fee family law services; allowing everyone access to justice whilst avoiding final bill anxiety and the dreaded open-ended cheque. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge technology, reducing fixed overheads and implementing efficient and effective processes. 

Beneficial. Our experienced and approachable family law solicitors understand that separation isn’t just a legal process, but an emotional journey. That’s why they will always strive for and encourage – with  warmth, understanding and reassurance – an amicable and cooperative settlement. Our main goals are to negotiate an outcome that is beneficial for the whole family, to achieve and sustain long-term stability, and to protect children from becoming ‘collateral damage’. 

Convenient. Our comprehensive legal services can be accessed online anytime 24/7 and, on any device, meaning you can always conveniently access expert advice around your busy schedule; whether it be on your commute to and from work, taking the dog for a walk, on the school run or relaxing at home. We are always here for you. 

We understand the difficulties which come with family separation, so we strive to make the legal process as simple and easy as 1.2.3; that’s why we deal with all the paperwork, so you can continue with your everyday life, relaxed in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. 


To conclude 

It’s our mission to promote the idea that divorce doesn’t have to be a negative and traumatic experience, but can be balanced and fair. We believe that family separations can be civilised if you choose to gain advice and services from the right company, who have you – the client – and your family at their very core. By taking this approach, we wish to challenge the stigma of divorce being perceived as a personal failure, and instead look at it as a new beginning. 


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*Our divorce packages start from £395 (inc. VAT).
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