Marcus Jakes is a father of two and partner to Emma. He has been cooking homemade food with flavours from all over the world for as long as he can remember. A really popular meal with his family was the Bashed burgers. These are LA inspired. He makes the patties himself and have always used local butchers. Marcus also makes all his own burger sauces and a really special chip sauce. The chip sauce is made from Mexican imported chilies with slow-roasted garlic. It’s got a lovely kick to it but not too hot to handle.

During lockdown it was a good friends birthday, she asked me to cook the Bashed burgers for her family. They absolutely loved them and we decided to share them with everyone to brighten up the strange times of lockdown.

The response has been amazing, the Bashed gang is growing as people have gone crazy for the Bashed goodness. We offer a signature double bashed beef burger. Then a 24-hour marinated (in a secret recipe) butter fried chicken burger. All with their homemade burger sauces. The veggie burger has been perfected and is almost ready to share. We have lots of new ideas and recipes too, all will be revealed in good time.”

With tasty homemade sauces and a unique Bashed edge, they really are like no other.

Marcus and his family are so grateful for the support they have received so far from their family home and are excited to watch Bashed grow.

Please follow @bashed_cardiff. to keep up-to-date on the exciting news and place an order at Bashed.

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