Liam Payne’s best friend decided to have a Hair Transplant and after lots of research, he decided Head Quarters Hair Clinic in Cardiff was the place to go. To break the taboo around Hair Transplants he has decided to share his story publicly. He also wants to give people the confidence to fight their own insecurities, do whatever makes them happy and not care what people think.


Andy Samuels is Famous for his unwavering friendship with One Direction performer Liam Payne, Samuels is also notable for his presenting, music and modelling careers. Andy has a strong interest in music, fashion, travelling, having fun living life to the fullest!

Andy Samuels pictured with Liam Payne. Photo

He has worked with many brands such as One Piece, Fudge Hair, Malibu, Sunglass hut, K-swiss, Hyundai and many more! – hosting events, product placement, ambassador roles & campaigns.

In September 2013 Liam Payne was hailed a hero for rushing to a pal’s life Andy Samuels after a balcony explosion at his luxury flat.

Twitter has flooded with get well messages from Directioners who named Andy Samuels as the friend who was rushed to hospital with 3rd-degree burns from head to toe.

Liam, who revealed in One Direction blockbuster This Is Us he would have been a fireman if he hadn’t been in the band because he wanted to save lives, is thought to have bravely pulled his pal from the balcony seconds after the explosion.

6 years on Andy is living life to the absolute max. Besides recent engagement to his fiance, exciting music career, intense traveling schedule and new hairline Andy is absolutely buzzing with what this year has in store.

Andy is all about sharing love, enjoying life and just being happy. He believes that life is far too short and you cannot waste a single moment.

Head Quarters Hair Transplants

Head Quarters Hair Transplants (HQ) is a new clinical group based in Cardiff, Bristol and London. It’s the brainchild of Ex All Black Rugby player Xavier Rush. Born out of a positive transformative experience of having both his hair and confidence restored via Hair Restoration. Xavier Rush joined forces with Dr. Ted Miln and together they strive to deliver a centre of excellence for Hair Restoration in Britain.

Head Quarter’s key focus is to give people support and advice without jargon or any hard sell. Once a bespoke plan of action has been decided for each patient, the focus is on creating a natural hairline through artistry and precision, maximising hair density whilst respecting the donor area and via innovative technology perfecting graft extraction to optimise speedy recovery.

Head Quarters aftercare is of the highest standard including a fantastic aftercare pack, personalised hair washes and follow up appointments to support patients through their hair growth journey. Having a resident hair transplant surgeon Dr Ted Miln and his team formerly of Harley street is paramount to give patients continuity of aftercare.

Xavier Rush head hunted the very best team of resident hair loss experts at easily accessible sites in Cardiff, Bristol and London to feed the growing demand for men and women looking for hair loss support. HQ now offer virtual consulting, so you can have a consultation from the comfort of your living room. To request this, please email

Andy Samuels said he could have gone anywhere in the world for his Hair Transplant he decided to go to Cardiff to HQ Hair Transplant Clinic. On Andy’s video Instagram stories, he said:

PRE-OP statement

“Finally decided to have a hair transplant and I’m absolutely buzzing it’s probably been 3-4 years of thinking about it and I’ve finally decided just to go for it. I’m having an FUE hair transplant where they take individual hair follicles from the sides and back and replant them, where they are needed. I’m having mine taken from the back. I’m having 1’000 on each side which is crazy! I’m having it done in a clinic in Cardiff on the 13th of February 2020 the clinic is called HQ.

The main reason I chose HQ as I could have gone anywhere in the world was after hours and hours of research online and on Instagram particularly HQ were just leagues above the rest. I went down for a free consultation met the staff, team and I was sold. I booked my date up then and there.

Dr. Ted will be doing my surgery he is a hair transplant surgeon from Harley Street, best of the best! I’m super buzzing about that. They use the latest technology that few clinics have, and this helps them get the best results and helps with a speedy recovery.”

View the video link here

February 9th, 2020 Instagram post reads.

“Sooooo this is something I have been super insecure about for a few years now and I have finally decided to do something about it to make myself feel better, feel better about the way I look and to feel confident again, this week I am having a hair transplant! I cannot wait!! 🍾🍾🍾 Now it may seem crazy looking at me as I have quite a bit of hair but I am receding at the front, I wear hats 80% of the time and the other 20% I wear my hair down over my head to cover it. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE my hair and always have ha

“These days it is all about self-worth and believing in yourself and since my hair has started to go I have genuinely lost confidence and I don’t feel as carefree as I used too.”

I want to hopefully inspire and show people that it is super important to just be you and do what you need to do to be happy and live your absolute best life!
I have decided to partner up with @hqhairtransplants and share my entire journey with you, from start to finish!
I hope you will follow and support me on my hair transformation journey! I am so excited, stay tuned for more updates! 👏🏽😘❤️”


“Had a wicked 2 days at HQ Clinic in Cardiff. The second half of today I just lay there comfortably and watched 3 episodes of Peaky Blinders. The whole process has been flawless so a massive thank you to HQ Clinic and all the guys there! Couldn’t fault them 10 out of 10…. New Hair, New Me!” 

For more information, visit

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