With spring seemingly upon us and summer just around the corner. It’s time to invest in a tried and tested body care routine with longevity, visible results, and long-term health benefits.

As bathing and body care trends move towards a more holistic approach, the rise of ancient rituals and Ayurvedic practices make their way back into our routines. One thing you can do for instant skin benefits is body brushing – and Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale agrees!

Kelly recently appeared on Harper’s Bazaar’s GO TO BED WITH ME S4 E11 during which she expressed her love for body brushing with her Mio Skincare Body Brush (£14.50).

Credit – Harper’s Bazaar

“This is my favourite product as it makes the skin all over my body super soft. I use the dry brush and I use it for about 15 minutes, all over my body.” 

This traditional ritual has remained constant for centuries thanks to its very effective and all natural ability to help improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate away dead skin cells.

“I’ll start on my arms and go in circular motions. After you have used it your skin is so soft. It’s incredible and it also helps with cellulite and makes your skin firmer.” 

Credit – Harper’s Bazaar

Recently body brushing has rocketed in popularity and in a five-week experiment conducted by the University of Sunderland, body brushing participants saw a 26% improvement of cellulite (BBC’s The Truth About Looking Good.) Although Kelly says it can hurt a little (you get used to it!) body brushing has become a staple in her routine, having dry-brushed for over 5 years.

To stimulate her skin further, Kelly also utilises caffeine in her routine, by mixing together coconut oil and coffee granolas to form a natural scrub.
We recommend Mio Skincare’s Shrink to Fit (£24) and Get Waisted Body Cream (£24) which are rich in natural actives to compliment your routine.


Let us know whether you’re going to take up body-brushing.

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