I remember feebly staggering out of the maternity wing of Llandough Hospital, a mere 10 hours after the birth of my daughter-naturally.

Not bad for a first time mum, so I thought.

I was holding on to the railings while tottering down the hospital steps, remembering the sheer pain as every footstep pounded the ground beneath and made me grimace. I hadn’t washed my hair in near enough a week, and the greasy mess was slapped back into a 80’s style scrunchie.

My make up that day consisted of a slick of Vaseline only. Then came the arguments over the car seat, like complete novices trying to construct an Ikea piece of furniture.

From Kate Middleton Official Instagram Account

Not at all similar to Kate Middleton’s third appearance on the steps of St Mary’s, Paddington yesterday afternoon, a measly 2 hours after giving birth to the new prince.

How on earth could she stand in her signature nude heels, complete with American tan see-through tights, while all I could manage was to barely shuffle in my flip flops? She stood and waved to her adoring fans and well wishes for a whole ten minutes. Smiling gracefully, babe in arms the whole time.

Kate’s hairdo featured big and bouncy waves and a somewhat deeper parting than customary. In addition, her hair was looking particularly voluminous in the back, and the wind managed to act as her private fan as she posed for the cameras on the Lido Wing steps. She also opted for her signature smoky eye, liner, muted lipstick and lashings of bronzer.

Kate also opted for her old faithful, for a third time, making it a grand slam for designer Jenny Packham. Jenny Packham is a British designer, famed for her bridal collection and ready to wear dresses that are available online on luxury website NetaPorter.

Jenny has also designed a diffusion line, No1, which is available at Debenhams and is more affordable for the masses. The line at Debenhams specialises in occasion dresses perfect for wedding guests or functions.

NO1 by Jenny Packham at Debenhams

Oh, the exquisiteness of having a glam-squad at your disposal to make you look likes a shimmering ray of sunlight at any given time! Fast forward, see Kate’s healthy post-baby beauty look in all its glory, complete with the body to boot.

*Featured image – @KensingtonRoyal official Twitter.


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