We all want to stay young in body and mind and with a good diet and positive attitude and there’s usually no reason for us to let old age slow us down too much.

However, one of the biggest problems facing men of all ages is coping with hair loss. If your partner is experiencing male pattern baldness it is no doubt something you have seen them struggle to manage. No matter how young they may feel, seeing a thinning hairline or bald patch in the reflection can easily damage confidence.

Hair loss is also not something experienced just by men in their middle age. It can affect anyone in their twenties onwards, changing not only their physical appearance but their emotional state of mind. There is very little space created for men to openly talk about their feelings and suffering in silence about hair loss can be distressing and also have a detrimental effect on their relationships.

Find a long-term solution to your partner’s hair loss

With that in mind, what long-term solutions are available to help men deal with their hair loss? Hair transplants may seem like the first go-to option, but they are very expensive and often lead to permanent scarring on the scalp. Hair transplants also tend to fall out over time, putting customers right back to square one – with much less money in your pocket.

So if hair transplants are unreliable, is there another hair loss treatment available your partner can trust in to help them rebuild their confidence?

Scalp micropigmentation will not only help your partner regain self-belief in their appearance but also ensure they invest in a treatment that puts them in control.

The leading provider of this treatment in the UK is Skalp®, who have a number of clinics spread across the country as well as Europe and the US. No matter what stage of hair loss your partner may be at, their innovative treatment can replicate the appearance of real hair follicles to give them a new lease of life.

Whether they need to add density to thinning hair, or require the full restoration of their hairline, Skalp’s skilful practitioners can help.

This is a non-surgical procedure that is completely safe and causes no harm to your skin or health. Their experienced team are able to apply natural pigments to the surface of the scalp to recreate the natural appearance of hair follicles. No matter their hair or skin tone, they can find the perfect match to suit shape, height, density and colour preferences.

From the moment your partner walks into their clinic, until the very last part of the treatment, they will be treated with care and respect. Skalp® understand that everyone’s hair is different and customise the service to ensure customers are always satisfied.

All of their practitioners have undergone the treatment too, and they will take the time to answer your partner’s questions and even take them on a tour of the clinic to see what’s involved.

Before committing to the service your partner can arrange a free consultation where they will be able to try their free virtual hairline mock-up service. This will reveal how they will look after the treatment has finished, giving them confidence they are making the right choice.

If you want to find out more about this groundbreaking hair loss solution that will help restore your partner’s confidence, you can get in touch with Skalp today on email at hello@skalp.com or by calling them on 0845 094 1516.


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