Sophie & Hannah Pycroft are the sisters behind the incredibly successful Spectrum Collections, the fabulous makeup brush brand taking the world by storm.  They share all with Style of the City.

Change is a good thing, that’s always what we tell ourselves isn’t it? But then with so many huge changes taking place this year that are completely out of everyone’s control, how much change is a good thing is the real question we’ve started to think about here at Spectrum.  

Spectrum Collections Photoshoot @raghousestudio

2020 has brought about a lot of differences here, for a start you may have seen our new HQ situated in the heart of our home town, the Goodsheds development in Barry on our Instagram (if you haven’t where have you been?!) It may look like a pink paradise and we’re sure a lot those who do see it on our Instagram think all we do is pop champagne (well it is the season). But what this place means for us is a new phase of the business, one where teamwork is key and communication is paramount, between ourselves and with our wider audience. After spending so much of this year working separately and at times feeling quite isolated, to have a new place of work that encourages collaboration feels like a huge re-fresh and one that is very welcome. It also provides some really good people-watching opportunities for those who walk past and have a nose! 

Spectrum Collections Zodiac Matte Lipstick £12.99

If you are still WFH or feeling isolated, some small changes can work wonders to help lift your mood, especially if you feel like you’ve been living in Groundhog Day for most of this year, and you’re now starting to wonder where has all the time gone. Why not try wearing a different colour lipstick, when you lift your mask and those around you see a bright red, we guarantee it will be a welcome flash of colour and is an instant confidence boost. We love our vibrant warm red, ‘Jupiter’ for those days when we need that extra brightness. 

Wild Fig Candle £19.99

With the nights getting darker, we all want to feel some comfort in the evenings and there’s no easier way to achieve this than simply lighting a candle. Don’t underestimate the power of scent, if you want to relax go for more earthy notes, brighter fresher notes will help you focus, and some more comforting scents can even relieve stress. We love our Malachite candle, the scent is an earthy ‘wild fig’ and the malachite print is designed to make you feel more at ease. Malachite crystal is known for detoxifying your thoughts, we always feel like lighting a candle at the desk or in the evening is a little act of self-care that we all need right now.  

Finally, if you’re after a lifestyle change, why not try doing Veganuary? Most of us will feel the need to detox after the festive season, but that is easier said than done when we don’t have easy access to gyms and fitness classes we once did. You don’t have to throw your whole lifestyle and diet into veganism, neither of us are fully vegan as it’s quite a difficult status to achieve, but just by reducing your dairy intake is a great start, our favourite drink is a coconut milk flat white from Academy. Why not make one small tweak to your coffee order and go for a dairy alternative? You might just decide you like change after all. 

Love Sophie & Hannah  

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