Winter can cause all sorts of problems for our skin. Epionce’s range of products are ideal to protect and repair your skin this winter.

Dry skin is a big problem during the winter. The cold conditions cause you to lose natural oils in the skin. This results in your skin drying out and can get as extreme as psoriasis and eczema. The key to dealing with dryness is hydration.
Epionce’s Intensive Nourishing Cream (£85.50) is a sophisticated dual action cream which is specifically designed to nourish the skin. Their cellular targeting technology delivers botanical ingredients deep into the skin cells to effectively regenerate and strengthen the collagen and elastin. This supports the matrix of healthy skin.

Along with dryness, due to the harsh cold winds, winter can lead to irritated redness. Redness can be hard to tackle and frustrating to cover.
Epionce Renewal Calming Cream (£58) is clinically proven to relieve redness and dryness. Cholesterol and ceramides protect the skin barrier allowing the product to hydrate and repair extremely dry, sensitive skin.

Even in the winter UV rays are still present and they don’t get weaker. Therefore, SPF is still extremely important even in the winter.
Epionce’s Daily Sheild Lotion Tinted SPF50 is a broad spectrum lotion that evens out skin tone and gives a natural healthy looking glow to the skin. This water-resistant formula is suitable for even sensitive skins and uses botanical ingredients to deliver antioxidant benefits to the skin. Use alone or under makeup for an even and protected skin.

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What are your favourite skincare saviours? Will you be trying any of these products out? Let us know!
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