Our cosmetic surgery columnist Mr Richard Karoo gives us an ‘eye opener’ on all things Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Reshaping is the removal of excess skin or the removal of eye bags; and in my opinion, is one of the most rewarding facial cosmetic procedures available today. If undertaken well, this technique can give a big “wow” factor resulting in a refreshed and less fatigued appearance.  

The facial skeleton and tissues do of course age – and combining this with genetic history, lifestyle, and damaging activities such as smoking – the potential for eye bags, lax skin, heavy eyelids or dark circles is high.

For those with very fine lines, resurfacing with a laser can be undertaken. This essentially burns the skin and encourages new softer, less wrinkled skin to form. Unfortunately, this is not permanent and is not suitable for those with darker skin. However anti-wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin can soften the crow’s feet around the eyes, but if the key concern is with skin excess, general laxity, or eye bags (which are due to fatty pockets behind the lid) then surgery is the only real way to tackle these issues.

I undertake over 50 – 60 cosmetic eyelid procedures every year using a variety of techniques. I work often on the upper lids, though sometimes we work only on the lower eyelids; and frequently work is carried out on both the upper and lower lids. For some patients, this procedure is combined with browlifting, which is carried out either via endoscopic or open surgery, and on occasion via an internal browpexy lift. For a few individuals where fat is the key issue (usually in younger patients with tighter skin) an incision is made from within the lid (transconjunctival approach) and is performed to avoid external incisions.

The reason for mentioning numerous techniques is to stress that this is a tailor-made operation for each individual: everyone is unique and must be assessed by a surgeon qualified and experienced with this type of surgery.

Your eyes express every emotion one has, and this may in part count for the origin of the proverb “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Gaze analysis studies also show that during conversation 30-60% of the time is spent using direct eye contact – which can create feelings of mutual likability – resulting in a comfortable and productive atmosphere.

Asked which one facial cosmetic procedure I would recommend, with results that are the most dramatic and positive in terms of appearance change, it would have to be eyelid rejuvenation surgery every time.

As with all surgery there is a recovery period but on average by 2 weeks, but most people are back at work and able to apply makeup and socialise as normal after this time.

Finally, always carefully consider where the surgery is undertaken, as regular follow up and aftercare is just as important as the operation itself.


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