Have a plan to think ahead and plan ahead!

When it comes to festive decorating my mind is always buzzing and brimmed full of ideas; but as always the closer the deadline the less time we all have!

Take a thoughtful, simple approach: For example, a real tree dressed in one colour is always far more effective and stylish. Don’t just put it on a stand, find a large wooden trug to hide the base.  

Remember!  Less is also much more so buy the biggest tree you can pull through the doorway (oversizing is much better than undersizing) and make a WOW statement.

I always fill my hallway with baskets of white flower hyacinths; their perfume is magical.  Buy them in bulb form and keep nurturing them so that they are in full bloom on Christmas Eve.  Their natural smell is so much better than the usual Christmas candles, which all have a standard pine or cinnamon aroma.

When it comes to Christmas door wreaths real, natural, adorned pine wreaths can be upscaled or down-scaled depending on whether you live in a country cottage or grand mansion.  The front door wreath is the first thing you see as you approach the house so ensure it reflects your Christmas decoration scheme that you have thoughtfully planned.

To wrap gifts with a twist, an original idea for a chic, stylish presentation is to incorporate some fresh greenery and beautiful co-ordinating ribbons; or a fun option could be a printed picture for a name tag. Simply edit on your iphone with regards title and message. There are a number of different apps – or simply use the new, updated settings.  A fun way to dress up a present in a personal way!


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