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My home will always be in Wales but California will always have my heart.

We’ve all watched The OC or 90210 at some point in our lives and longed to visit the gorgeous beaches and amazing landscapes – and all I can say is… those views are exactly like you see in the TV shows and films.

The beaches in Cali are undoubtedly some of the best I have ever visited. Huntington, Laguna and Newport Beaches are ideal for sunbathing, tanning, whale watching (Newport) and when the waves are right… SURFING!

If there is one beach you have to go to it would be Muscle Beach at Venice Beach. With numerous little shacks, street food and roller blading rental you can blade down the boardwalk looking like a real local. If you’re like me and have virtually no balance (and I mean seriously, no balance) it is super easy to hire an adorable little bike to keep up with your gals – just be sure one of your group has a credit card to rent everything that you need.

You’re not into just chilling on the beach? Looking for something a little more breathtaking? I give you my 2 favourite hiking spots…

  1. It has to be the Hollywood Sign – Located on the outskirts of LA, with a 3 hour hike uphill you will question whether you can do it (I know I did). Honestly, when you’re stood looking at the whole of the glittering Los Angeles skyline, it makes the 3 hours so incredibly worth it… trust me.
    • Top tips
      There are two trails and I say take both! The road to the left takes you to the front of the Hollywood Sign to get your perfect Instagram snaps, whilst the trail to the right is difficult – I won’t lie to you – but this track ensures you exit behind the sign, which is where you can see the incredible views of LA.
  2. Next is the Torrey Pines National Walk in San Diego. If sea views are your thing then the views the entire way up will not disappoint! This is absolutely perfect for anyone who enjoys a walk/hike that is difficult but not impossible. Whilst it is uphill, it is a gradual incline so there’s a nice smooth ride with trail games on the way up to keep the kids entertained.
    • Top Tips
      For any hike you take in Cali please, please (and again, please) take lots of water! Unlike a hike in the UK, you are dealing with heats from 30 to 50 degrees and you cannot risk becoming dehydrated when you’re half way up!

Viva Las Vegas
If you’re in LA and have a weekend free, I 100% recommend taking a drive/flight to Las Vegas. Whilst a 4 hour drive seems a lot; it’s all about blasting the tunes, grabbing the snacks and making the drive part of the party!

I highly suggest booking your hotels before you arrive through websites like TripAdvisor and Trivago because not only will you get the best price, but you will also be offered a room upgrade when you arrive from as little as $10 extra a night – and this is what me and my girls did at the Luxor Hotel. Choose a hotel that is directly on the Strip because whilst you may spend a little bit more than the hotels elsewhere, you will save lots of money on taxi fares!

The best tip I could give you for Las Vegas is to post a photo on Instagram prior to arriving. Post about coming to Vegas for a trip and hashtag with things like #Vegas, #GirlsTrip, #MGMGRAND, #Hadouken, #LasVegas (Or any clubs you definitely want to hit up) because then you will have the promoters messaging you to be put on their guest lists for free – saving you from $80 to $200 which means a lot more dollar for wine and cocktails!

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