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Megan Maria Makeup is a 21yearold Makeup Artist from London. Her career began at the age of 17 when she realised her true love for makeup artistry. From a young age, she would do her older sister’s makeup whenever she would go out. She then started practicing on herself and a few of her friends. When she turned 18, she decided to join a makeup course in Central London to gain some professional skills. After that, she started working for a few different high-end makeup brands. Working on a counter made her realise that she was much happier working for herself, so she made the decision to go freelance.  

Since doing so, she has worked with the global sensation Giggs, the Independent Newspaper and the Evening Standard newspaper, as well as having worked on numerous music videos and TV commercials.   

Megan’s favourite looks 

My favourite looks to do tend to be on private clients. I do more shoots than private clients so whenever I get the chance to do a full face of heavy glam I get very excited.   

My favourite look to do is a bronze eye with a bronzed, glowing skin to match. I find this to be the most versatile look that looks amazing on every skin tone. 

I think it’s super important to have a signature look that you’ve perfected that you can always go to when working on a client, as long as you know how to adjust the technique to the person this will help you to become more efficient and consume less time.  

I’m known for always doing/having a flawless base. If I can give one top tip to creating a smooth base, is always use a facial oil! No matter the skin type, even if they’re oily, use an oil! It helps your cream products sit so much better on the skin and I think it helps the powders almost stick and melt into the skin. 

How to be successful in this industry?  

It can be very competitive in this industry, but my advice would be to learn how to market yourself as a person. I am my brand and my personality is what makes me unique and stand out from others. In this industry a lot of the time it has nothing to do with your talent and more to do with who you are and who you know.  

Network, network, network!  

Building great relationships with other creatives in this industry is extremely important as a lot of positions are filled through recommendations. I can say a lot of bookings I’ve had have been through recommendations.  

Creating friendships with individuals that might be able to help your career in the future is key. Get to know as many other makeup artists, photographers, stylists and creative directors as possible.  

In this industry being a nice person honestly gets you a very long way, I’ve worked on set with other MUAs that probably weren’t that talented but having the right connections and attitude is key. 


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