Established by Simon Constantinou in 1980 Simon Constantinou Salon is an award-winning salon and its team are specialists in advanced hair colouring and balayage.
Simon and his team talked to us about the best hair colouring techniques this winter, as well as their advice on maintaining healthy hair.

Simon Constantinou are known for their amazing colour transformations – every image on their Instagram provides serious hair envy.
When asked about hair colouring for the winter months the stylists at Simon Constantinou told us that “the ever popular balayage trend is still going strong.”

Balayage has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, but what is it? We’ve broken down everything you need to know about the colouring technique which seems to be taking over the hair styling world.

What is Balayage?

“Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique which gives the client a blended natural look which grows out with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines.” Steph

Benefits of Balayage?

“The biggest benefit of a balayage is that it is low-maintenance, so whilst this type of job seems more expensive, it means you can go longer between colours. Many of our clients just top up with a toner in between balayage refreshers” – Laura.

Best Balayage trends this winter?

“We are seeing lots of clients take it more natural for winter, we’re seeing warmer blonde and darker balayages that require less lifting with bleach and are less maintenance. With all the harsh winter elements we’re exposed to, being more gentle with your hair colour helps to maintain good condition.”– Natalja.

“For those who have never coloured their hair, it’s amazing what we can achieve using just hi-lift tint (no bleach!), leaving you [with] an incredibly natural sun-kissed look. Whether you are brunette or blonde, this more subtle balayage can be perfect for those who are nervous about colouring their hair for the first time.”– Chelsea.

Healthy Hair

Maintaining the health of your hair is of utmost importance to achieving gorgeous locks. We asked Simon what he would recommend doing to protect the hair during colouring.

He said: “We are big fans of Olaplex, which actually fixes broken disulphide sulphur bonds in the hair that occur during chemical processes or heat damage. So, we thoroughly recommend adding Olaplex to your colour service to help protect your hair and leave it feeling amazing. Regular Olaplex treatments can maintain the health of your hair and therefore keep the colour looking amazing for even longer!”

Stylist Karen added that “Both coloured and sun-damaged hair can have a knock on effect as the months go on. The hair can get very thirsty, dry and brittle. We recommend clients have a trim every 6-8 weeks to seal the damaged ends.”

But achieving healthy hair doesn’t just happen in the salon. There’s a lot you can do to look after your hair at home as well.

Simon’s top tips for looking after your hair at home are:

  • Use professional shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically formulated for coloured hair.
  • Use a violet shampoo every so often to neutralize brassy tones in blonde hair.
  • Try to go longer between washing your hair as this allows the natural oils your hair produces to protect the hair from drying out.
  • Protect your hair during styling with a heat protection spray or serum as heat appliances really affect coloured hair.

Let us know what you think about Balayage in the comments below. If you want more advice on looking after your hair check out our tips on luscious locks.

If you want to get your hair taken care of by the team at the Simon Constantinou Salon:
Visit their website.
Or call: 02920461191


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