Disclaimer before we start this. I’ve never thought of my home as a show home as such, but it was MY palace, MY show home. Like most people when they buy their first home which they work so hard to get, after years of planning ahead how I wanted it to look and be, I turned it into something that reflected me and my personality, that I was really proud of.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure. At one-point Wales Today described my house as ‘one of Cardiff’s most outrageously-decorated homes’, of which I was more than happy to accept the title, ‘a treasure trove of madcap models and glittering pop art delights – from a semi-naked Tom Jones to a graffiti fridge, a severed head and some eye-popping artwork’. Some of my greatest work! Haha!

Anyway, when I got pregnant and moved my other half in, he always used to say ‘long are the days of your perfect ideal show home’ I didn’t want to admit the fact time was ticking until it was going to be transformed into a nursey!

All my quirky little gadgets and stand out pieces I liked to showcase which made it my mad house had to go! My Freddie Kruger life-size mannequin, the hulk on a skateboard and guitars had to go up on the walls… as much as I wanted to keep Freddie Kruger, maybe it wasn’t best thing for a baby to see every time she went to bed, let alone make way for changing tables, toys and more toys!

I’ve tried hard to embrace adapting my dream home that I had, into a child- friendly sanctuary for myself and my baby. I wanted to keep as much of it as possible; it was important to me, that she had that influence of my style growing up. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea what I like, but I love colours and different patterns and fabrics, bright lights and glitter, actually I guess it’s a brilliant sensory environment to be in for a newborn. That’s what I love about design and interiors, we all have our own imagination and flair and I loved putting my touch on my own home.

So, time was up and she arrived in March and it was without a doubt the best moment of my life and slowly but surely my living room has been taken over by bouncers, jumpers, rockers, playmats, baby gyms, inflatable donuts, toy boxes you name it.  Parents, you feel me, right?  I have to say I am getting used to it. I love making my way down in the morning to the playroom… (living room) and in fact it’s been fun and a new creative way of expressing myself on how to live an aesthetically pleasing way of life with all of this new baby kit.

Luckily, as I mentioned, I love the bright and bold in life, the shock factor has always been my forte! I love to mix, match and mash a big bunch of trendy vivid and vibrant patterns together. There’s a huge fusion of colour in my living room now. I’ve wanted something for Indy to stimulate her brain as much as possible. That’s the one thing during lockdown that has worried me the most. She isn’t seeing other babies, she isn’t in classes, she isn’t swimming, she isn’t at soft play…she hasn’t, like most kids had, any interaction with other children. So trying to find a bit of kit that can stimulate her brain but also maintain my personal style without feeling like my house has been taken over, has been hard to find without spending a fortune!

Here are some of Indy’s favourite accessories that have become a staple in the living room now. And you know without it all, I think I would miss it. I love the extra bustle and wouldn’t change it for the world.


Play Mat-

An absolute essential. Indy’s discovery Mat is actually the perfect size for my living room. It’s the rug I’ve always wanted! Haha. She is 4 months so is starting to roll and loves just being independent so we can leave her on the on the mat to explore her own movements without a worry she will roll off. From tummy time to her first steps – this extra thick activity mat creates a safe, soft place for her. It’s probably covered in more sick than we would care to imagine, but it’s been brilliant. It’s colourful, vibrant, full of trendy patterns and more importantly the multi-textured fabrics provide early sensory interaction and built in activities encourage grow-with-me play time.

Giant sensory discovery mat:



Baby jumparound- 

You could spend an absolute fortune on a jumper for your child but I managed to find a brand that have a range of different jumpers to suit your child’s style and they are super affordable. The Peppermint trail jumperaround includes lots of interesting and stimulating electronic features including lights and sounds and interactive toys. Indy just loves spinning the toys and just playing. She is super inquisitive right now so leaving her in there and letting her figure things out for herself is great to see. Now the best thing is that it comes with an aux lead plug  so if you get fed up of the nursey melodies it plays out then hook up your own playlist and let them jump and rock away!

Baby Go Round Jumparound Peppermint Trail:



Baby gym-

Beautifully padded which is great for a baby who is learning to roll. This particular baby gym has detachable hanging toys to entertain your little one and improve their hand/eye co-ordination. Indy adores it and thank goodness, it’s a short relief for me when I need to do something for myself. It’s super girly, with some great patterns on the cushions which I love. It’s not over the top, gets the job done and fits in with all the chaos. One of mine and Indy’s favourite pieces.

Play Gym Dreamy Meadow:



Baby seat-

Oh yeah I forgot to say, they take over your living room and then it’s the dining room. Indy has her own designated chair at the table with us now, which is so sweet watching her play at the table with us when we eat. The bebePOD is a cushy seat which provides optimal support while helping Indy learn to sit—great for play time and feeding time, when that happens. And how can anyone not love these little pops of colour that give a whole new definition to eye candy? Something funky and different instead of a bog standard white and grey. We have the blue colour, which has a blueberry tray design but also a super-engaging toy that can either attach to the tray or be played with on its own. I love this particular brand, they have so many awesome pieces. They are committed to making parenting experiences easier and better. Their motto is ‘Kids are messy. So is parenting. We’ve got your back’ and they really do with this one!

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus :



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