Yoga is something that I feel pretty confident about. While you won’t find me doing a headstand in the gym anytime soon I can walk into a yoga class and know that I’ll understand the lingo and be able to do the basics.

Despite this, I was very nervous about Hotpod Yoga. I’m not very good walking around a hot country in 37-degree heat, nevermind doing flow yoga as well.

As I walked into a giant sports hall that had an alien-like inflatable pod in the middle of it, I wasn’t too sure what I’d got myself into for the next hour however, I was pleasantly surprised.

Immediately, I realised this was a sports bra and leggings job. The room was dark enough that no one would see that I’d abandoned my top within the first five minutes and was already sweating and the people in the class were so focused on their breathing and technique to care, which I found comforting.

Initially, the heat was intense, I was very aware that I was in a boiling hot pod in Cardiff Central Sports Club and felt a bit claustrophobic.

After about 10 minutes of controlled breathing and becoming acclimatised to the heat I started to relax and really enjoy it.

I won’t deny that the class was hard. However, it was definitely something that you could do whether you were a beginner or a well-versed yogi.

During the class, I was able to feel myself get more flexible and loosening up both mentally and physically. I won’t deny it was a struggle at times to keep the ‘flow’ going but I found it getting easier as the class progressed.

The yoga teacher was helpful, informative and didn’t make me feel like I was out of my depth at all. She catered to everyone.

I found some light relief in going with a friend. My friend Corrie is a 6ft 4 rugby player and what we did realise quite quickly is that it is possible to be too tall for the pod.

However, he did make do and despite being a yoga virgin he found that he not only thoroughly enjoyed the class but that he was planning to go again.

If we’re going to simplify Hotpod yoga, you basically enter a large pod filled with heaters and aromatherapy diffusers and proceed to do yoga for an hour.

I found the whole experience enlightening and something that I really would love to do again.

I would recommend to anybody to try Hotpod Yoga, whether you’re a beginner or advanced, it is definitely an experience. Classes start from £12 and if you decide that you’d like to do more you are able to book a five class pass for £54 and you are able to book here.

If you do go definitely bring or rent a towel as you will sweat more than you ever imagined.


Written by Lydia Caunce

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