Firstly, congrats new mama! Isn’t this just the best thing in the world. Our very own little creation that we love beyond measure! However, as quickly as we welcome our new baby into the world we also say tara to any ‘me’ time that we had before. Oh, we love our little ones, but boy do I miss a lazy day on the sofa or long soak in the bath without a tiny human screaming every 10 minutes.  I’m hoping the first few weeks into your journey of motherhood have been a good few especially during these uncertain times while on lockdown. I’ve been trying to make the most of this precious bonding time with my little girl, Indy, but that said, life at the moment feels pretty weird and the baby blues have probably become that little more challenging with all the added worry in the world. Us new mums, as well as being badass, superhumans, we are vulnerable and we’re more than deserving of a few little gifts that will help us feel a little more doted on and cared for. Whether we treat ourselves or someone else does! And we’re not talking gifts for the baby. Cards and flowers and offers of help around the house are great, but hey, this is Style of the City mag, and since we can’t gift you a night of uninterrupted sleep, below are some items to keep your life chic, calm and peaceful!

Get ready to share this article with your partners and friends and who knows, let’s hope for a cheeky surprise in the post over the next few weeks!

  • Pamper gift set-

This Mummy skincare pamper set from Little Butterfly London is delicately presented in a stunning keep-sake gift box that features a grass print inside and glossy butterflies on the outside, then tied with a beautifully designed ribbon. Hey, we love a bit luxury at Style of City. For further style, the box comes with a luxury branded carrier bag. A far cry away from being thrown up on countless times and dirty nappies. The collection has been created with the most precious organic ingredients to help treasure those fleeting moments of motherhood. There is absolutely nothing wrong taking a few hours to yourself when the baby is sleeping. Your wellbeing is paramount and if you are feeling good, most likely your baby is as well. Self-care isn’t selfish and if it comes in the form of a luxury skincare products then so be it! Sink into a state of relaxation with the scent of seas- toning body serum! Pure bliss!


  • New mama wardrobe-

Tired, mama? Well, the lovely team at ‘The Tired Mama Collection’ have got your back. A community of mothers reminding YOU, new mama, that you are doing great! They provide stylish and comfortable clothing for mums worldwide featuring uplifting quotes when a Mama needs that all important boost. I wore my ‘Mama Power’ jumper leaving the hospital after I gave birth and yes, after pushing my baby girl out, I felt like a super woman and I was happy to let the world know about it! The best thing about ‘The Tired Mama Collection’ is that the Mama’s who run this successful and quirky business are local heroes… from designing, printing, labelling and packing, everything is done in house in South Wales by their mama dream team.


  • Changing bag-

Every mum wants their style identity to stay intact when they have a new baby and let’s face it the next few years will mean they need to take baby apparel everywhere they go and having a changing bag with plenty of compartments means that she won’t have to take two (or more) bags with her every time she goes out.  I wanted a trendy, cool look and with hands-free convenience. Multiple compartments were a must for me and pockets, lots of pockets offering endless ways to organise. The Skiphop Chelsea Downtown chic changing bag was perfect! From the outside, it’s a stylish, fashion-forward backpack. But inside, it’s wired up to fit all the nappy bag essentials. Their range is awesome to suit every taste.


  • A personal keepsake- 

If a new mum you know has a Pandora bracelet or similar then lookout for a charm to celebrate becoming a mum or pick one that represents the baby’s birthstone. I was gifted a beautiful necklace from my best friend when my daughter was born. It had her name and her birthstone as the pendant, and I wear it with pride every day. A unique and special gift which isn’t a full 8 hours of sleep but sentimental all the same and who doesn’t love a bit of bling to make us feel a bit more stylish on those days when you don’t feel like getting out of your pj’s.


  • Baby carrier-

OK, so, this one is kinda for baby as well…

Whether I’m making dinner, running errands, or while on lockdown working from home, I’m going to want to have my baby close to me and the Baby Bjorn carriers are one of the most trusted popular carriers for babies in the world!  This particular design is sporty, sleek and fashionable to suit both mummy and daddy on the go who wants their baby to be close and secure. I find it gives me freedom which in turn allows me to keep somewhat of my identity that new mums always feel we lose when having a baby.

I can still work; I can still put on make-up and do my hair. I can very easily walk to the shops, do my important daily exercise, with no fuss and hassle of getting the pram in and out. A must for every on-the-go mum and no words can describe a relief feeling for my back when you put this thing on! You and the baby are supported from each angle and at 6 weeks post-partum after giving birth naturally it’s the most amazing feeling!

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