You might be feeling down in the dumps and you’re not quite sure why? It seems like it was only a short while ago you were sat in the beer garden with your friends socialising, drinking and suddenly you’ve lost track of time, it was 2pm five minutes ago and now the pub is closing. The warmer months of June, July and August are known as our British Summer see longer days with sunlight and Mediterranean-like heat lasting up to 16 hours a day… well, this year anyway.

Our British weather soon returned to business-as-usual and it’s raining, of course. A vast majority of us are feeling lethargic and groggy with no motivation to get out of bed in the mornings? It’s proven that these abrupt weather conditions can have profound effects on our mental well-being however, this does affect each person differently. They say if you’re someone that is already in a good mood the sudden change in weather is unluckily to affect you but if you’re someone who is already in a low mood, a sudden torrential downpour will make you feel considerably worse (understandable). People experience mood drops and mood levels during the colder times of the year which can be considered as challenging for people. With some, experiencing (SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder with 1 in 5 of us affected.

It’s not all doom and gloom, the cold weather can bring a sense of unity within us, all hardships among severe weather conditions bring out signs of empathy whether it be tipping your Deliveroo driver an extra £2 for cycling in the wind and rain or contributing to your local homeless shelter at the coldest times.

Booking a winter sun holiday is an alternative to escaping those colder months but not always possible, people become preoccupied with the negative outcomes but even if its gloomy outside your outlook doesn’t need to be. Avoiding isolation is a perfect excuse to get together with loved ones. Research shows, lack of interaction is just as bad for you as smoking. These cold months won’t last forever, keep up to date with plans and organise activities to look forward to whilst aligning your current schedules with the changing daylight.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “superfood” that will get you out of your winter anti-climax but committing to a healthy diet such as food with antioxidants ingredients is essentially food for the brain!… That also means a balanced diet of plenty of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein. Sunlight influences how tired you are… it’s important that your home and work environment consists of as much natural light as possible. A naturally lit space will help you to become more productive, this also means you will sleep better each night.

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The drastic change in weather is bound to take a toll on your skin, by implementing a new self-care routine such as switching to products that are high in Vitamin E which acts as a super powerful hydration and anti-oxidant will keep your skin hydrated and nourished during the coldest times. If you haven’t got around to using your bath bomb gift set you received last Christmas, it’s that time of year again. Not only as a form of relaxation but it’s proven that taking a hot bath can kill bacteria and improve your immune system, avoiding those coughs and colds in the air.

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