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Style of the city has crafted the best ideas as to how you can make your COVID-19 birthday a bit more bearable whilst celebrating in both style, and the comfort of your own home! When did you ever think you’d be able to do that?

Firstly… Happy Birthday… Secondly…


Round up your friends on a large scale video call app (eg. Zoom or house party) and become the bingo master. Make sure you decide a range of numbers for your game and then use a ‘google number generator’ in order to satisfy your maximum number. Add a couple of drinks in and you’ve got your own ‘bingo lingo’ without even stepping out your front door. Plus, House Party only allows eight guests so you won’t feel overwhelmed having to invite too many people

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Re – live your childhood party games

Gather the family down to the living room and start reviving your love for those old town hall party games, you don’t need to leave the house for a game of pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs, and popping out to Tesco’s for a piñata, definitely counts as essential.

Download ‘Smule’ and get a digital karaoke party going!

Had you planned a night of singing your heart out in the karaoke booths? Well, make sure those vocals are heard by challenging your friends to an online Karaoke party on Smule! At least this way there’s no doubt you’ll get your voice heard, and there’s definitely no worry about fighting over the microphone.

Make yourself a cake!

There’s no I in Team but there is in quarantine and it seems that quarantine has brought out the bakers in everyone, so why not get baking on your next masterpiece, because now you really have the time to attempt that pink towered ice cream cake saved on your Pinterest board.

The Birthday project

If you fancy taking the day off from celebrations, why not do something for someone else, The Birthday Project was an idea started by founder Robyn Bomar who on her 38th birthday chose to do 38 acts of kindness for others – one for each year of her life. The Birthday Project allows you to donate to someone less fortunate as a Birthday present.

Birthday Pub quiz/ Crawl (digitally ofc)

A different beer in every room makes all the difference, and it will be the cheapest taxi back to the comfort of your bedroom ever. Plus, you can break the night up with a Pub quiz in the dining room and invite your friends along via group Facetime! Or if your feeling like a bit of drama the app psyche allows you and your friends to go to an online forum and answer questions about each other.

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Picnic in the garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, why not utilise the space and have a picnic, and enjoy that cake you slaved away over in the spring sunshine.


Whoever said you had to do anything? Why not take the day all about you, to be completely by yourself! Put on that box set you’ve been dying to watch/ re-watch, run yourself a bath and make yourself your favourite dish for dinner! What better opportunity for self-care when you have to be nowhere.

There have been many other ways to celebrate a quarantined birthday shared online, one Tik Tok showed a user celebrating her Birthday with a virtual game of beer pong with her friend on the other end of the video chat doing the same. Another video showed two parents

who felt bad that their son couldn’t celebrate his 21st birthday in the traditional way by going on a night out, so they decided to build a “club quarantine” in their garage, with dad acting as the doorman and his mum as the bartender, a great way to avoid having to worry about wearing your heels past pres!

We hope everyone is staying safe during this uncertain time and that these ideas help bring some joy to your birthday celebrations!


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