Prepare for a spooktacular Halloween with Lush’s seasonal offerings to delight and entertain as darkness falls across the land. The completely vegan and cruelty-free range will raise your spirits and leave you feeling absolutely gourd-geous.

Delve into awesome autumnal baths, spooky showers and paranormal pampers as the nights grow longer and the cold sets in. It’s no trick, they’re all treats!

Style of the City lists our top 5 favorite treats from the new collection!

1. Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

£4.95 each

If you’re pumped for Halloween, you’re sure to feel jacked up by this sparkly bubble bar. Crumble your pumpkin up under running water to build a mountain of soft bubbles. Lie back in the warming juniperberry and uplifting grapefruit waters as they brighten your skin and mood. Happy-making lime oil scares away the doldrums and blues, making you feel happy as a Jack who got the scream. This shimmery pumpkin is really Samhain to shout about.

2. Boo! Shower

£12.00 each

Slime Raise your spirits this Halloween and get hands-on with this spooky black slime! Softening cornflour leaves skin clean and comforted while the buffing power of bamboo stem extract will slay dry skin and leave it frighteningly smooth. Xanthan gum is a natural thickening agent that softens and moisturises the skin while preserving the product. It also means we don’t have to use any plastics to make your slime extra slimy! Don’t let the colour scare you off, this slime is fragranced with the bubblegum scent of a trick or treat haul.

3. Fireworks Knot Wrap

£12.00 each

Ricochet across the night sky and light up the world! This explosive beauty is made out of recycled plastic bottles and is big enough to be worn or to be used to wrap up some real firecrackers. With reusable gift wrap this good, this colourful display is knot to be missed.

4. Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub

£6.50 each

Like a slice of freshly baked pumpkin pie, this comforting mixture of clove bud oil, ginger oleoresin and cinnamon powder has been blended together to perfect that pout and warm your lips against the cool autumn air. Caster sugar gently buffs and polishes dry skin away, while pumpkin butter and jojoba oil soften and soothe for kissable lips you’ll want to cosy up with all season long.

5. Little Box of Horrors Gift

Contains: Ghost In The Dark Soap, Mercury Ret – rograde, Bewitched Bubble Bar, Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb, Boo Shower Slime, Glow Worm FUN £39.00 each

There’s nothing horror-ble about this gift! If you like a little more ghoul with your glitter and a bit more bite with your bubbles, this gift will haunt your dreams in the best kind of way. Bathe and shower with the spirits and invoke magical memories thanks to olibanum and buchu.

The Lush Halloween 2019 collection is now available on and in Lush shops worldwide

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