Luxury accessory designer Luna Amani’s collaboration with Le Chat Aile launched earlier this month and has already caused a stir on Instagram.

With just two designs within the collection, the design duo will be launching a limited run of the bags to maintain its’ element of exclusivity.  Conversing in Farsi tongue, the pair designed an elegant and refined collection heavily inspired by the Iranian heritage.

Luna’s design influence is clear within the collection with her trademark geometric pattern and multi-wear function. The collection boasts 100% natural metallic leather, a geometric laser print and multi-wear straps.

Luna Amani says: “My aim was to design a beautiful collection that women will treasure forever. A timeless accessory that’s elegant, versatile and can adapt to the modern woman’s everyday life.”

Lunas’ first signature collection Azadi, means freedom in Farsi, the native Persian language. It is about celebrating the freedom that comes from exploring your own creativity, the freedom of travel, and the freedom Luna believes all women should experience, as a right, not a luxury.

All Luna Amani handbags are designed by Luna and her small, handpicked design team, from her bijou design studio in the UK. With Christmas hiding around the corner and fast-approaching, these handbags would make a beautiful and unique gift for your elegant, sophisticated friends, and definitely make the perfect addition to your own Christmas list.

To see more images of the new collection or Luna Amani’s full range of products, visit their website at or their Instagram page.


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