The Throw Company offer a new meaning to the word faux. Founded in 2004, the British brand had a goal in mind – to make the highest quality, most life-like faux furs on the market. It began with the distress of the fur trade and as proud members of PETA; the brand stands by its motto ‘fake for animal sake’ and promotes faux wherever possible. From household accessories to fashion items, the animal-friendly brand offers faux alternatives so close to the ‘real thing’, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. With a vast selection of faux furs available, the brand has spent years perfecting the appearance, quality and feel of the faux fur to get it just right.

Alaska throw £105

The faux fur trend is at its prime, with items from The Throw Company appearing on the big screen in Star Wars, The Golden Compass and Cats. Approved by celebrities, fans such as Kate Moss and even Prince George himself have worn pieces by the brand. The biggest designers on the catwalk are using it, faux fur home accessories have become an essential, and faux fur coats are now seen as a Winter staple.

Tissavel Houndstooth Faux Fur Throws £115.00

Exploring more creative avenues to stay on-trend, The Throw Company has introduced brighter colours as well as the traditional animal prints to brighten up your home and wardrobe. As the brand handmakes everything in their UK studio, it is able to provide a tailormade service for both individual customers and trade partners. The Throw Company prides itself on ensuring it is as sustainable as it can be. Following the ever-expanding green movement amidst its ethos ‘First do no harm’ in mind, the brand will soon be introducing its Winter collection of upcycled jackets and bags. The Throw Company is already using recycled or biodegradable packaging on all items and never throwing anything away, it is looking to further their sustainable ways in the ever near future. Whether you’re new to the faux fur world or already a fan, make sure you check out The Throw Company.

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