This season Jayne Pierson launches her A/W19 Collection ‘J’ayne’ in collaboration with Neale Howells, as part of the British Fashion Council’s London Fashion Week, with special sponsorship from Skechers.

Jayne Pierson on working with Skechers; “It’s exciting to be working with such an iconic sportswear brand such as Skechers, working with couture elements and silhouettes and redefining the athleisure concept.”

The show will conceptualise the story of the contemporary woman who longs to reveal her most inner self, her dreams, her hopes, her aspirations and struggles. A woman who no longer wishes to conform to what is expected of her, and aims to redefine herself and her female form.

Her stream of consciousness is sublimated with her seemingly random set of doodles and scribbles on her garments but these actually convey her most inner self. Her deepest thoughts and feelings are displayed and valued as contemporary art and she wears these garments as armour to empower and celebrate our individuality.

The J’ayne Collection is inspired by organic shapes created with perfect symmetry and balance. The silhouettes inthis collection are crafted in the spirit of luxury and pay homage to reappropriation and the cultural process of reclaiming artefacts. In this collection luxury takes on a brutal harmony, exploring and reabsorbing subcultural styles and commodification.

J’ayne AW19 integrates hand-painted leathers with engineered hand-drawn digital prints, luxe woven painted fabrics, silks and draped leathers, with delicate hand embroidered tulle, mesh and lace, silk jersey and lace lingerie which are contrasted with structured architectural silhouettes. The colour pallet is rainbow brights including; shaggy shearling in pink, yellow, orange, red, black and white, lamb nappas and a pop of primary red leathers. This season Pierson also collaborates with leading sports brand, Skechers, who are taking sport shoes in an entirely new and innovative direction.

Award-winning (ASVOFF) designer, Jayne Pierson, has received celebrity, media and public praise and continues to build season upon season in establishing herself uniquely as an “’art driven’ fashion house with no limits”.

Jayne Pierson creates directional, luxury womenswear that redefines the female form in creating empowering and uncompromising garments. The collection encompasses high-end details and signature premium finishes, juxtaposing innovative material directions with avant-garde details inspired by a warped sense of history and intangible glitches in space and time.

The Anya Beetle Bumbag from Amschela featured in the Jayne Pierson show.
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Author – Karine Laudort


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