As Khloe Kardashian wakes up from her third trimester slumber, merely days before the birth of her precious baby girl, she would have been faced with the likes of the reports from Hollywood based TMZ; “Tristan Thompson, Alleged NYC hook up chick posts sex tape”.

Two days previously, Khloe had posted a sweet loved-up snap, tenderly kissing her baby dada Tristan captioned; “we are ready whenever you are   little mama”. Perhaps, it all has not been as it seemed from the outset and we (the public) have been swept along on the crest of the Kardashian illusion.

Personally, I have wanted Khloe to find love more than any other Kardashian/Jenner sibling. Her tragic train-wreck of a divorce from Lamar Odom, which culminated in him laying in a coma in a Vegas brothel was played out on an international social media stage.

It really looked like this time Koko had found her soul mate, at least in the microcosm that is “Instagram-land”.  Photos posted last month included perfectly orchestrated photo shoots with captions such as; “I am so blessed to be creating beautiful monumental memories with such a wonderful man”.

Regrettably, her “wonderful man” is now the centre of a series of allegations horrific for any woman, seemingly hopelessly in love, let alone 9 months pregnant, hormonal and undoubtedly body conscious.

Image – @khloekardashian

By now, she will have seen it. Khloe will have seen the clip unwittingly caught on CCTV, showing Tristan cosying up to a number of Washington DC’s strippers, captured in October 2017, when Khloe would been going into her 2nd trimester of pregnancy.

Which poses the question, what part of Kardashian/Jenner’s life is fact and which is fiction? Is it us, the avid social media and consumers of reality TV that have been duped, or, indeed has the wool really been pulled over Khloe’s eyes?

Image – @khloekardashian

The world patiently waits, with bated breath for a Kardashian response, while online reports show that the entire clan has “unfollowed” Tristan’s Instagram account, knowingly corroborating the rumour mill.

This whole saga comes within days of Khloe’s reported due date of her first born, a precious, long awaited baby girl and poses an ethical question, which many women around the globe are asking themselves. What would we do in Khloe’s position? Of course, with an Instagram following of 74.5 million (nearly the entire population of the UK) she may come to regret any knee jerk reactions.

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