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Hello and welcome to my first very own column for Style of the City, you may recognise me from The Gratitude Edition, but if not let me introduce myself. My name is Lauren, I am the founder of empowered women fitness. I am a mother, a qualified personal trainer, a fitness instructor and I am in my third and final year of university studying strength and conditioning. 

My passion is fitness and my mission is to help as many women as I possibly can to gain strength and confidence through the power of fitness. 

March 21st, 2020 (the beginning of lockdown) as the gyms were forced to close, at such a difficult stressful time, I knew that all of my clients and many other women would need uplifting. I went live on Instagram every single day at 10am throughout the whole of lockdown and trained with hundreds of women, these classes were more than just fitness, these classes became a huge support network for many women, throughout such a difficult time. 

I now train hundreds of women online every day through my empowered women members only group. Empowered women members offer live workouts every day, a supportive group of women and a huge library of hundreds of workouts suitable for all women of all ages and fitness abilities. 

I understand that everyone has their individual fitness goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle tone, glute growth or just the feel-good factor, I have a workout suitable for you. To join empowered women members only please visit www.empoweredwomefitness.co.uk. 

My favourite product for working out from home is the fabric resistance band, they are small, light and can be stored away easily. A lower body resistance band workout can be just as challenging as a gym workout. Working out from home doesn’t have to break the bank, you don’t need a house full of weights and equipment. I love to use resistance bands for leg day. if you have weights at home fabric resistance bands are also useful for glute activation before your weight’s session or as an extra challenge.  

To purchase an empowered women fabric resistance band please visit www.empoweredwomenfitness.co.uk 


Here are three exercises that can be used in your next leg day, as glute activation or as a finisher. 


Crab walk. Place resistance band above knees, get into squat position, keeping your core tight, your head and chest upright, transfer bodyweight from one side of the body to the other for 15 reps. 

Donkey kick. Resistance band above knees, on hands and knees, brace core, raising one heel towards ceiling, squeeze glute at the top, 10 reps on each side.  

Glute Bridge. Resistance band above knee, laying on your back, feet shoulder width apart, driving up weight through your heels, raising your hips up to the ceiling, squeezing your glutes at the top. Complete 15 reps. 

Support local 

As we are in a global pandemic and local business need to support each other more than ever now I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite local business that I use on a regular basis.  

The Welsh Juice Company  

The Welsh Juice Company are a local company based in Cardiff. The juices they offer are cold pressed made from 100% raw fruit and vegetables, all ingredients are sourced locally, and the juices are delivered directly to your doorstep. They offer four types of juices, Green glow, Immunity, Beet it and Just Celery. My personal favourite is Immunity it is made with orange, turmeric, ginger and pineapple, they all taste amazing and are great for a boost of nutrients through the winter months. 

Instagram: @thewelshjuicecompany 


The Clean Lean Kitchen  

Preparation is key. In your own fitness journey whatever your goals may be, it is important to plan and be prepared. Some weeks when I am really busy I use clean lean kitchens meal prep service. Clean lean kitchen is an independent meal prep company, serving customers in the Cardiff and Vale area. They provide healthy, delicious meals, fresh to your door, using only the highest quality, fresh ingredients. 

They prep, cook and deliver to make your lifestyle as convenient as possible. 

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, lead a busy lifestyle or just looking to eat cleaner, clean lean kitchen will have the plan for you. 

Instagram: @cleanlean_kitchen. 


Alexandre Nicole Beauty 

I have been going to Alexandra Nicole studio since she first opened four years ago, here she offers a wide range of beauty treatments from having your make up done, to nails and HD Brows. Al has her very own make up range of which I love. I use the lip glosses every day on my live workouts. Whenever I go here I instantly feel relaxed, well looked after and pampered. Ladies if you haven’t already you need to book in.

Instagram: @al_crean_beauty. 

Follow Lauren Green @empoweredwomenfitness for the latest daily workouts and support on your fitness journey.

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