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Lockdown is a new word and concept for many people and the restrictions have taken a long time to get used to. For those who are addicts or in recovery, the reality of lockdown can bring a host of mental and physical challenges, just to get through each day.

Howard Silver and Ali Silver, co-founders of rehab and after-care residence, The Bridge have the following advice to help:

· Communication – reach out to family and friends, but don’t use them to pander to your illness. Tell them what you are really feeling and thinking – the ugly worries; the anger; the loneliness; the frustration and the cravings. Keep talking, support groups and counsellors are available on-line and on the phone to help

· Create a routine – make a to-do list of activities and things to achieve; engage in self-care to give a sense of normality and productivity during the day

· Distraction – do something you enjoy every day, for example, baking, gardening, exercising or playing video games or try something new which you’ve not had time to tackle previously

· No Pressure – take things a day at a time, focusing on what you have right now and avoiding looking too far into the future

· Seek Professional Help – it’s never too early to ask for help and advice from mental professionals and those who have the tools, the awareness and knowledge to support you through this time

· Privacy – maintaining privacy can be an issue when ‘attending’ meetings online. Create your own secure online meetings with people they know and trust. Use the phone for one-on-one daily check-ins with trusted friends, relatives or sponsors

· Write It Down – keep a daily journal of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and also your reasons for going into recovery if appropriate

The team at The Bridge, based in Marbella, are pioneers in secondary treatment and aftercare.

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