Originally from Malaysia, Alice Jane studied new music composition at the University of Music Freiburg, Germany where she immersed herself in abstract forms of art and learned to challenge mainstream norms. By swimming through what may appear as a sea of confusion, she, in fact, unleashed her passion for philosophical art on the outer boundaries. Creation of new music, or neue musik, allowed her to push through her own creativity envelope like never before and now manifests into her designs.

A-Jane is about exploring your most inner depth of self, emotions, fears, desires and demons. New fashion is just the art medium for exposing those depths; it is the complex fusion of thought, expressionism and neue musik, where designs challenge you. Alice Jane has morphed into a fashion composer where her designs reflect everything that she is.

This season A-Jane’s AW19 collection focuses on Neue Musik (new music), a modern genre intended to create artistic inspiration and optimism, simultaneously challenging traditional composition. The designer has broken boundaries by beginning her collection with no lines and no preconceptions.

Sticking with a primary colour palette, this collection is full of staples – from the oversized printed midi skirts and dresses to the high neck green jumpers and blue ruffled inserts, so you’ll fall for new shapes in the colours you know and love.

Waves and curves are prevalent in the structures of a series of white blouses and the drapes of long pleated skirts. Versatile, modular and reversible elements are used within the designs to evoke the liberation of the unexpected and to manipulate the notion of appeal.

Continuing this inspiration from creation to presentation, each model used various instruments, including (but not limited to) spoons, sand paper and glass chimes, to create clashing sounds and a feeling of chaos – something mirrored throughout each piece in this collection.

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Author – Karine Laudort

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