The Cloud-Making Factory

We are living in the world where virtual and real coexist

The theme of every season by APUJAN is inspired by literature, and associated with chaotic timelines and imaginations within parallel worlds. Through different topics and imagination of virtual worlds, APUJAN creates a unique worldview by interlacing different timelines. In the season of Autumn/Winter 2020, APUJAN brings another whimsical chapter “The Cloud-Making Factory” to London Fashion Week, using elements such as fantastic factories, gears, chimneys, robots and islands, to transport his audience to the places where clouds, stars and moons are created.

There are many books that inspire the story of this season, such as “Tents in the Clouds” by Monica Jackson and Elizabeth Stark, “The Cloudspotter’s Guide: The Science, History, and Culture of Clouds” by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, “Stories of Your Life and Others” by Ted Chiang and “The Paper Managerie and Other Stories” by Ken Liu.

In this imaginary world, all the wonderful things are from the same origin, where vast arrays of machines operate to create clouds and the starry sky. There are pterodactyls, spaceships, and antique expedition aircraft travelling among the clouds. Below them are the chimneys of the cloud-making factory, where gears, conveyor belts, and islands float between the black, white and blue sky. 

This is an imaginary world behind the imaginary world, an imaginary word behind the island B of Jurassic Park. This is a glimpse of the storybook through the accidental split. In the printed patterns, by using the outline of vector file, APUJAN implies that the world we see is actually drawn. We are in a world where virtual and real coexist. In this world, we don’t know where we are, and which part is real.

The Autumn/Winter collection contains over 100 individual pieces. APUJAN will be displaying 36 outfits on the runway, featuring headwear, scarves, knitwear, evening gowns and ready to wear. The overarching theme continues in the brand’s signature style, featuring oriental details and western contours, with additional elements that draw on the traditions of fantasy and imagination. This season, the details of oriental clothing elements such as cheongsam buckle, oriental collar and sleeve, and traditional festive headwear can be found integrated into different modern style garments such as shirts, coats, dresses and gowns. There are also more sports and leisure styles. The accessories that can be seen on the runway include hand-woven hats, floral headwear and 3-D printed gears.

As with previous collections, APUJAN works with his original and exclusively developed fabrics, using a wide range of techniques such as digital embroidery, semi 3-D jacquard fabric, transparent embroidery and digital print. He also works with varies materials such as silk, cotton and cashmere, as well as lamb and merino wools. A variety of knitted styles are created with these raw materials using both manual and automated weaving. A large number of computer-generated techniques are also used this season to create the knitted styles.

In recent seasons, APUJAN has also incorporated sports and leisure elements into the design. This season, he is collaborating with NIKE again, using the upcoming Air Max as the shoes on the show, which links to, and echoes with the clothing. A set of knitwear created by APUJAN to pay tribute to NIKE AIR MAX will also feature on this show, which explores new design possibilities for clothing for the future (This item is not for sale). 

DJ QuestionMark (Chi-Shuan Ying), music director of APUJAN, produces original music according to the theme of the show. This season, using the glitch and future beat styles; he mixes strong electronic sound with soulful funk and jazz texture to set the atmosphere for the show. 4 original tracks will premier at the show, including a sample from the top ranking tune in Taiwan, “On Cloud 9” by RPG &V!CKY, echoing the topic of this season “The Cloud-Making Factory”. The music will be performed by DJ QuestionMark Live which consists of a group of UK musicians, including Jack Banjo Courtney/Trumpet, Adam McLoughlin/Tenor saxophone, Sophie Watson/Alto saxophone, Jeremy Paul/Drum.

APUJAN is proud to welcome Australian born, Taiwanese R&B singer, Julia Wu as this season’s special guest. In addition to visiting the UK for the first time, it is also the first time Julia to be invited overseas as special guest at Fashion Week. She will be wearing the APUJAN 2020 Spring/Summer collection “A Strange Thief of Time” dinosaurs and starry sky jacquard side cut-out gown on the day of the fashion show. Through APUJAN designs, she interprets the soft and delicate side hidden behind the distinctive character.

APUJAN collection can be found from the official online shop ( and the concept stores located in Shin Kong Place department stores in Suzhou and Chongqing, China. Part of the designs are also displayed and sold in selected stores in Taipei and London.


The trainers featured in the show are sponsored by NIKE.
The hairstyles featured in the show are sponsored by Takuya Morimoto at Daniel Gavin using L’Oréal Professionnel.
Makeup by Yin Lee using Ellis FAAS Cosmetics and Dermalogica skincare for AofmPro.
The goody bag (at the show) are sponsored by jacked and Emily.

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