ZL by ZLISM is a contemporary unisex fashion brand concentrating on ready-to-wear clothing under the creative direction of Hong Kong artist Zoie Lam since 2014. Zoie Lam is a talented illustrator who is well-known on the imaginary planet ZLISM for her quirky funny characters she has created. She has injected the elements of her painted and couture detailing into ZL by ZLISM, turning her imagination into a fun collection with high-quality clothing that fits creative edgy personalities. Positive energy oozes out from the kind-hearted characters as they come alive under her pen, all with fascinating stories unfolding in one garment after another. “ZL” is the initial of Zoie Lam while “LISM” stands for her philosophy and ideas. Through her drawings, Zoie likes to express her ideas towards different social phenomena.

The AW19 collection names Who Am I? takes inspiration from exploring what consumers take from life. Asking questions such as what our soul is and have we ever had a conversation with our soul? The eye-catching prints of explosive shapes, represent showing your emotions of happiness and sadness, with a bright contrasting colour palette of neon greens, fluorescent orange, yellow, set against a monogram background. Reflective fabrics play a huge part in the collection, alongside transparent materials, representing a window into our inner self.

ZL by ZLISM collections can be found in stores across London, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore and Taipei.

Instagram – @ZL_by_Zlism

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