Looking for some interior inspo? Yvonne Jones of Chameleon Interior Design reveals how her love of maximal-ism in interior design can be interpreted in your own home.

Here’s what Yvonne has to say about creating the perfect design for your home…

First of all, I like to create spaces that are not the norm.  Everywhere you look in a room needs to be full of interest.

Although the more traditional approach in interior design is to layer a room with furniture, art and antiques; I always want my interiors to be slightly less predictable and have a more unusual, quirkier feel; but at the same time retain timeless appeal.

How do I do it? 

I happily mix up antique pieces covered in modern fabrics; the more unpredictable the fabric and pattern, the better; providing there is a foil or balance of something more neutral or classic in styling nearby.

I also like doing one unexpected thing in a room to enhance its vibrancy.  In your home you can easily use unexpected accessories to enliven a dull sideboard or cabinet.

Established Interior Designer -Yvonne Jones

One of my signature touches is that I like using vibrant rugs to make a room sing.  My frequent go to place is www.therugcompany.com and anything by Paul Smith- whilst at art college in Nottingham I was babysitter to his son, so he has a special place in my heart.

What about paint finishes?

For many years I used matte eggshell finishes on woodwork. However, now I frequently work an off-white, neutral wall with architraves and radiators in a bold gloss finish, but in the same neutral colour as the rest of the room to make a room look younger.  I adore lacquered and glossy finishes so this satisfies my need when decorating a room.

One last thing…

Remember that our homes should be the most important place in our lives; it’s where we retreat to so that we can recharge our energies, where we celebrate and unwind.

People expect my home to be glamorous and are surprised when they find it formal, yet relaxed.  I create happy environments that are not taken too seriously and I create homes that feel light and relaxed so think happy when you redecorate your home- it will make all the difference.


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