A new concept has been rising in the fashion industry, across platforms like Instagram and Youtube. The idea is that you follow a capsule wardrobe, a strict list of around 30 pieces of clothing and only have those in your wardrobe for a month. With fast fashion on the rise, the majority of us are said to wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, meaning we wear the same things over and over, with the rest of the clothes going to waste. This challenge is a good way to declutter your wardrobe and finally get rid of the clothes you don’t need! A great opportunity to donate and support charities, whilst also doing good for the environment.


Photo credit: http://www.houseforsix.com/blog/useforfive.com/2013/08/purging-closet-30-piece-wardrobe-free.html

You firstly need to get a guide to follow, so you know what clothes to keep and what to bin. A lot of the pieces are basic, like a pair of ripped jeans or a black t-shirt, which most of us will already own. It’s hard to let go of clothes we feel we may need someday, but realistically, if you haven’t worn them, you won’t. It doesn’t mean you can’t shop, because there might be some pieces you need for the month, you just can’t buy extra.

Photo credit: http://www.houseforsix.com/blog/useforfive.com/2013/08/purging-closet-30-piece-wardrobe-free.html

You can choose to follow a guide or create your own list of 30 pieces you think you need for that month but be strict and get it all sorted in one day. That can be a picture guide, or a list, whichever you find easiest.

Once you have chosen your 30 garments, you style yourself each day with a new look, only using those pieces. It is meant to help you keep decluttered and easier to dress yourself.

If you do, is it practical? Will it get worn?


It’s a fun challenge to try for the new year and see if it could work for you! If you’re really wanted to do it and finding it hard, Youtube has plenty of encouraging tutorial videos to help!

Check out our Instagram for a start-up guide of what you can include in your capsule!

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