Welcome back to my baby column. Indy is now about to be 6 months. SO WILD! It’s so true what they say, it goes SUPER FAST. Long are the days I can have a nice, peaceful cwtch with Indy without her wriggling about. God help me if I ‘hold her like a baby’ now. As we slowly ease our way out of lockdown and we get back to normal life, actually, my life will never be back to normal or how I knew because my new normal since has always been with Indy. If you read my last diary entry, I gave birth on the brink of lockdown and came out of the hospital into this new world of the shutdown and social distance.   

I have to say my emotions have defiantly calmed a bit since having Indy and the first few weeks of her life. We’ve got Indy into a good routine which makes our lives better and less sleep-deprived but also we’ve started to see people again which has been so lovely. Not that I’ve known any different but I started to feel resentful that the first bit of Indy’s life was so isolated and none of my close family and friends could see those special moments of her growing up. She is thriving now though, such a happy, content bundle and both nanny’s, aunties and uncles and close friends are defiantly making up for the lost time.  

I’m still very conscious of who holds her and everyone who does have a cheeky hold must wash their hands first. I think like a lot of people (without disregarding any guidelines from the government) I’m doing what makes me comfortable that suit me and my baby without putting any anyone at harm or risk and actually more often than not probably being a bit more strict than most. I know a lot of new mums are finding it so anxious to make the transition from isolation and being in their home bubble to now venturing out and letting people around their little ones. I would say just go at your own pace, you are boss of your child and no-one will judge that. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented ways of living. I’ve come more resilient that’s for sure over the last 6 months. Adapt the best way you can, we all are living through such challenging times and no-one should judge you for living how you want or need to be at the moment. Also, the best bit of advice I’ve had recently is don’t be afraid to speak up mainly to shout at the pushy people to ‘back off’ if they are a little too close for comfort at the moment! Haha! It might be uncomfortable for a bit but your peace of mind is paramount. 

Watching Indy develop into the sweetest little human is the best feeling ever. Even though my entire house has turned into a nursery. Bouncers, jumpers, gyms everywhere! I love watching her play and sit up and roll and discover new things. I feel the luckiest person alive to have a funny, smiling and happy, healthy baby every day to wake up with. Oohhh we love our morning cuddles. 

The next chapter for us as the carnage continues it’s going to be a messy one as well. The weening stage! Also, I head back to work! I can’t wait to document my feelings and emotions about this journey from motherhood back into the studio which will be in the next issue. It’s been intense, to say the least.  

Mama’s you are rocking it! Keep safe and love to you and your little one. Will catch you next time,

Polly xx 

Polly’s top pics- Just some of the awesome things I couldn’t be without over the last 6 months.  

The Cocoonababy by RedCastle – 




This is for fresh out the hospital. A unique, comfortable and. snug sleep aid that we used in the daytime for Indy’s sleep. I was genuinely upset when she couldn’t fit in the Cocoonababy when she hit 3 months, I had a big connection with it. We tried to squeeze a few more weeks out of it with her but alas, we handed it over to my sister-in-law and her new baby who is getting such good use out of it.  

The Discovery Play Mat by Infantino – 

An absolute essential. Indy’s discovery Mat is actually the perfect size for my living room. It’s the rug I’ve always wanted! Haha. Indy loves just being independent so we can leave her on the mat to explore her own movements without a worry she will roll-off. It’s probably covered in more sick than we would care to imagine, but it’s been brilliant. It’s colourful, vibrant, full of trendy patterns and more importantly, the multi-textured fabrics provide early sensory interaction and built-in activities encourage grow-with-me playtime.  

Baby Go Round Jumparound by RedKite – 

You could spend an absolute fortune on a jumper for your child but I managed to find a brand that has a range of different jumpers to suit your child’s style and they are super affordable. RedKite has an awesome range With Indy being super inquisitive right now leaving her in there and letting her figure things out for herself is great to see. The sounds, the flashing lights, the attachable toys are perfect! The best thing is that it comes with an aux lead plug, so if you get fed up of the nursery melodies it plays out then hook up your own playlist and let them jump and rock away! 

Don’t’ forget the RedKite play gym it’s not over the top, gets the job done and fits in with all the chaos of playtime in my living room. One of mine and Indy’s favourite pieces. 

The Perfect Prep Day and Night by Tommee Tippee –

Mr Tommee Tippee needs a knighthood for this invention. Like most parents, I speak to this is this the number 1 must-have for new parents who are bottle feeding! No-fuss with the kettle and waiting for the water to cool down and worrying whether you’re going to burn your babies mouth. This is easy to use at 3am when you’re sleep-deprived and not thinking straight, it will whizz up a perfect temp bottle for you in 2 minutes. The best comments come from the dad’s when I rave about this bit of kit. For example, commenting on it’s ‘multi-use’, Nick Jones on my twitter ‘It’s true, this milk machine is a godsend and also makes a speedy pot noodle for daddy’. Classic Dad thing to do or what? Haha!   

The BebePOD by Prince Lionheart –

Having Indy at the table with us on our level is the best and cutest. Oh, she loves being high up with us but not too restricted. The bebePOD is a cushy seat which provides optimal support while helping Indy learn to sit—great for playtime and feeding time. And how can anyone not love these little pops of colour that give a whole new definition to eye candy? Something funky and different instead of a bog-standard white and grey.  

  And let’s not forget,

The dummy soother by Tommee Tippee –


Cheap, cheerful and the ultimate baby soother. Not quite sure why some Mum’s think a dummy is a bit taboo or is bad for baby because I honestly think it’s the best baby invention ever. We went for the trusted brand in Tommee Tippee and their orthodontic teat to make sure if she does become welded to it she isn’t doing damage to her gums, not that I think it would anyway but whatever gives you peace of mind! 

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