Like so many women out there I absolutely adore fashion. It isn’t just a hobby or a job to me it is a part of who I am. I live and breathe fashion, even my downtime is often spent watching fashion documentaries and catching up on the new trends for next season. Yes, this is technically a part of my job but I have been doing it long before I became a stylist. I couldn’t imagine having a career in any other industry, this is where I’m meant to be. Fashion could never be just a hobby for me. Some people will not understand this at all and I totally get that. We all have different loves and goals in life. To me, fashion and my career are my babies and I get excited to watch them grow and develop.

The word fashion translates in the dictionary as ‘a popular of the latest style of clothing’. Fashion is the trends you wear each season style is what you do with it. It definitely took until I was 30 to find my true style (I’m 32 this year). I always knew what I liked to wear but I didn’t really have a true signature style. I do feel that since becoming a stylist I am way more confident in what I wear. It’s as if I think I can get away with wearing whatever I want now because I’m a stylist but in reality it’s because I’m older and don’t care as much what people think. So you might not like my outfit, I do and I am totally going to rock it.

Fashion blogs are being taken over by women who are 30 plus and I am so here for this. There has been a time and it is still happening a little where a lot of people, bloggers included only think that you can have a fashion blog if you’re in your 20s. What utter madness.

I follow a number of bloggers that are 30 plus and they all have great style and great advice and unlike a lot of younger bloggers they actually reply to your comments and interact with a number of other people. Not just the accounts that can benefit them. I’m not saying that all bloggers in their 20s feel this way but there is a high number that do.

Fashion is completely different now for people in their early 20s than it was when I was that age and I totally get that but I believe most people don’t really find their own true style until they at least hit 30. Yes, their outfits are amazing but is it their true style or are they just wearing the trends? I am not slating bloggers in their 20s at all I just feel there are so many amazing bloggers out there that are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and plus that you need to be taking notice of. An amazing woman I follow has the Instagram account @FashionQueen40s. She is one of the sweetest women on Instagram and always has inspiring outfits. Another that I adore is @_stylust_, she has beautiful editorial style images. @The_Fashionstalker is another amazing lady, who is so sweet and knows her stuff. All of these amazing ladies inspire me often, actually follow me too and like and comment on my posts all the time. How fab is that?! Not only is their style amazing but they actually support other women and that is incredible.

Image – _stylust_

A few months ago one of my favourite bloggers @devotedtopink launched a new account Over 30s Fashion. The account is run by Leah who is in her 30s herself and it’s a platform to showcase fashion and style for those that are over 30. To be featured all you have to do is tag the page in your post. It is so amazing to see the regular posts from women with incredible style and you guessed it every single one of them is over 30, some are in their 50s and 60s and have the most amazing style I have ever seen. I mean come on strong style goals right there. It isn’t just an account showcasing fashion but it is also celebrating women and showing you can be over 30 and still look absolutely amazing and have great style. You don’t leave your 20s and forget how to dress or can’t wear the latest trend anymore. That would be completely insane.

Image – Devotedtopink


Being the age I am now I have never felt more me and completely aware of who I am and what my style is. I am owning that and I encourage you to do the same. Fashion isn’t just for 20 something’s, fashion is for everyone. No matter what your age is, embrace it. Enjoy it. Do whatever you want with it.

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