The collection is inspired by the Javanese Tradition that still remains in the princedom, located in the region of Surakarta in the center of java island in Indonesia. Until now, Pura Mangkunegaran has its own arts and cultures and one among the others is the dance which claims to have the original style created by people of Pura Mangkunagaran themselves. This uniqueness gives the identity in diversity.

To create Masterpieces in reflections to the originality in honour to the Mangkunegaran tradition for being unique and giving the symbiosis with a BaroQco touch.

”For being unique is to be different and to be different you are unique. Baroqco has made pieces with metal ornaments, that is crafted layer after layer in combination with SWAROVSKI elements and semi-precious stones. These semi-precious stones are from a variety of countries such as Indonesia and Brazil. The usage of real and genuine material gives the pieces a certain value.

Each masterpiece is well thought over: initiated with the concept design, production plan then production. Ornaments are plated in palladium and or 24K gold:

The first series is more into the Royal Mangkunegaran style, with the BaroQco signature style. With royal colours such as Green, Yellow/Gold, Black & Dark Blue, this series is plated in the raw colour of ancient gold.

The second series is showing the beauty of the Javanese art tradition by metal works of different flowers and tropical fora and fauna ornaments. In this series the ornaments are plated in the raw colour of ancient silver/palladium. We are using recycled silver for the plating just to be more ECO friendly. The Colours that we use are a variety of colours specifically for winter dark colours like dark blue, siam, etc…

In Javanese philosophy, the colors are yellow/gold guards against sleepiness, blue against disease/disaster, black against hunger, green against stress/frustration, white against desire/lust, orange against fear, red against evil and purple against bad thoughts. The collaboration between the French and the Javanese is made because of the efforts by Mangkunegaran in order to introduce the kingdom into the Western society and to adopt western life style or culture in Java by developments in arts, buildings, military without forgetting Javanese elements as their identity.

BaroQco is embracing the Mangkunegaran to be remembered and that their legacy thrives on in Paris in the Collection of BaroQco during the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture.

Words by: Karine Laudort

Baroqco:  Website Facebook Twitter Instagram

PR & Productions: Mephistopheles Productions

Photos credits: IMAXtree

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