Inspired by the ancient mosaic, Ziad Nakad’s Fall Winter 2019-2020 couture collection is an ode to architecture
and geometry. Marked waists , oversize and asymmetrical sleeves are true technical features while giving an
impression of lightness in resolutely feminine outfits.Silhouettes with embroidery embellishments like “tessellas” and “tesserulas” reveal an aerial mosaic. It is this alliteration assemblage that inspired the designer for the collection’s title.

A colorful collection, from blue to red, from gold to silver with black tips.
Always concerned regarding high quality, Ziad Nakad mingles tulles and chiffons, lace and velvet, giving his
creations an architectural and modern dimension, always reminding us his mastery in cuts and volumes.

Words by: Karine Laudort

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