Patrick Pham is a self-taught designer, who designed his first dress aged just twenty when his close friend couldn’t find the perfect wedding dress.
The touch of Patrick Pham comes down to the colours and fabrics he chooses, as well as his eye for creating the perfect refined figures in line with a woman’s form.

Symbol of fortune in Asia, lucky charm, infinite erected towards the sky, Patrick Pham is fascinated by the number 8 because of its plenitude and its perfection. This collection augurs well: Patrick mixed his Asian traditions, the French-Vietnamese designer changed radically his vision about the couture, including insolent modernity, with a touch of humour, literarily hijacking the sports materials, but still keeping his lines and shapes who belong only to him. His sportswear couture is a real surprise, mixing gaily colours, linking pop and street culture, combining denim, leather, calfskin, sequined lambskin, engraved with anaconda prints, handmade sequined embroideries. Ultimate fetish: his shoe collection is personalized as unique pieces.

Eight more reasons to love him…

For more information:
Instagram – @patrickphamcouture

Author: Karine Laudort

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