It’s happening! We awoke to the exciting news that Kate Middleton has been admitted to the exclusive Lido wing in St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington after going into the early stages of labour this morning.

It’s official, Kate Middleton is officially pushing Prince Harry to the back of the line for heir to the throne… as we speak.

The baby, whose sex is currently unknown, will now be fifth in line to the throne, following their Prince Charles, Prince William, and older brother, Prince George of Cambridge, and sister, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. This will knock the uncle Prince Harry to sixth in line and any children that he may have with Meghan will follow after him.

Names that have been suggested for a prospective prince or princess include monarchy favourites such as; Arthur, Phillip, Alice and Victoria. The bookies favourite is currently in odds of a baby boy to be named Arthur.

Arthur is a middle name shared by both the baby’s father and grandfather, and some may remember Princess Diana’s slip up with her husband’s middle names during their wedding ceremony, mixing up Arthur and George.

Previously, Queen Victoria prohibited her grandchildren’s baby names if they did not go well with her tastes, while the late Princess Margaret’s parents wanted to call her Anne – before a grievance from King George V led to it being discarded. There are no set rules, but some names, such as those belonging to current royal family members, are likely to be avoided.

From Kate Middleton’s official Instagram

It is also not a shock that Kate has chosen the Lido wing at St Mary’s again, as she had done with George and Charlotte. Here, clients are offered opulent post-labour afternoon tea, (in true London style), also an impressive wine list that includes varieties of champagne (perfect for wetting the baby’s head) plus an on-call masseuse.

With such prestigious patients and prices starting at £5,900 for a one-night stay and rising to £6,275 for a luxury package and even higher for the ward’s suites, very few will ever experience the lavishness of the Lido.

Arrangements for the media coverage of the delivery began in earnest today, with crowd barriers going up in the street opposite the Lido Wing, and parking limitations coming into force in the neighbourhood.

Once reports of the birth has been announced on the official Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram accounts, an official statement notice declaring the birth will be on display on an easel, set in the public space of Buckingham Palace.

If, as thought, the baby is born today, 23rd April, the new Prince or Princess will share their birthday with St George’s Day, ironically. According to legend, George was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess. Other historic events that took place on 23rd April; In 1927 Cardiff City defeated Arsenal in the FA Cup final, Bowling for Columbine Director Michael Moore was born as well as American model and Hollywood royalty Gigi Hadid.

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