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As we go about our day with face coverings on, we may begin to notice our skin becomes irritated or starts to behave a little differently to how it normally would. Whilst we adapt to these changes in our daily lives it’s important to look after our skin.

Lush Oxford Street is offering free one-on-one Virtual Product Consultations for those who are looking for some friendly advice or product suggestions to help develop a routine that’s right for them. A digital offering, customers can book a slot for a video or phone consultation (between Monday and Friday, 10am-5pm).

Lush Co-founder and Product Inventor, Helen Ambrosen shares her top products to soothe, calm and refresh…

Grease Lightning spot treatment £8.00 for 45g

“Grease Lightning is really refreshing with its content of sea water and witch hazel. Fragranced with Lavender oil, it’s very calming and soothing. The texture is easily absorbed and not likely to mark the face mask as it isn’t oily. It has a gel base which is made from seaweed extract, carragheen. It can be kept in a pocket or handbag, so it is easy to have with you at all times.”


Angels on Bare Skin fresh cleanser £9.00 for 100g

“Good cleansing at the end of the day – make sure this is done. Angels On Bare Skin fresh cleanser has active ingredients to gently wash the skin. Clean the face with Ultrabland cleanser to remove any makeup then take a pinch of Angels on Bare Skin with a little water and apply, massaging the face gently, to remove the stresses of the day.”


Mask of Magnaminty face and body mask £16.00 for 315g

“Using a face mask after wearing a face covering all day sounds like an odd type of product
to recommend but they are deeply relaxing as well as cleansing. A soak in a lovely bath whilst wearing a face mask is a real treat”



Enchanted eye cream £16.00 for 45g

“I have worked wearing a face mask before. One thing it does do is to make your eyes tired! Looking over the top of a mask for hours is challenging. Enchanted Eye Cream will be refreshing to apply at the end of the day.”


Skin Drink moisturiser £21.00 for 45g 

“If your skin has changed at all during lockdown, have a think about what it needs and how you would like it to feel. Has the mask dried out or chaffed the lower part of the face? If so, maybe choose a more emollient moisturiser such as Skin Drink or our beautiful Skin’s Shangri La which gives a really special skin softening feel.”


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