Our Fashion Director, Karine Laudort overviews the final brand awarded the title of ‘One to Watch’ from Fashion Scout at London Fashion Week this year; an impressive and deserving achievement…

Nous Etudions is an Argentinian brand created by designer Romi Cardillo in 2014. Its philosophy is linked to sustainability, veganism and non-gender traditions. The reformulation of traditional tailoring, the use of monochrome whilst defining the colour palette, the oversized predominant silhouettes and the experimentation of handmade textiles is what defines Nous Etudions as a minimalist brand.

Founder and Designer Romi Cardillo was born in Buenos Aires and studied Fashion Design at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). Before launching Nous Etudions, Romina founded the menswear label ‘Gruop 134’ which was the first vegan Brand in Argentina, working with GreenPeace on their first Peace Campaign in Argentina on the production of leather tannery.

Since launching Nous Etudions in 2014, Romina is constantly searching for new innovations and development techniques. Her SS19 collection is entitled “Creatures of the Universe” takes inspiration from nature, shapes and textures.

In this collection, a new look is sought for a new nomad individual who questions defining himself. The bold colour palette varies from pastel shades to accent colours of blue, yellow, green and gold.

Nous Etudions have experimented with new Nous bio-textiles in collaboration with Franco Nencini, who researched the development of a textile based on black tea, sugar and a handful of micro-organisms that ferment and create cellulose, creating a unique bio-textile developed from kombucha. With this raw material and other exclusive textiles, Nous Etudions develops a collection of deconstructed tailoring that is complemented by a line of accessories.

Words by Karine Laudort.

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