Following the huge success of the second Roy’s People Art Fair in April 2018, the free art fair is back by popular demand with a new focus: mental health awareness in young people. This year’s autumn instalment will take place over four days, featuring incredible pieces from 80 carefully selected artists at London’s landmark building: OXO Tower Wharf.

The founders will be holding a silent auction of five artworks to support Centrepoint; the UK’s leading youth homeless charity.

Founders, Roy Tyson and Sam Peacock will be exhibiting alongside special guest Andrea Tyrimos, who will be creating a unique portrait and audio documentary of the life of an ex-Centrepoint resident, Catherine. The story follows how a breakdown of family relationships led to her becoming homeless and struggling with her mental health. This poignant exhibition raises awareness of mental health and homelessness; two things that many in the UK struggle with. A former volunteer at a homeless shelter, Tyrimos’ previous sitters include Ricky HattonGail Porter and Alastair Campbell.


In a similar style to Tyrimos’ 2017 exhibition ‘Bipolar Picasso’, the portrait will be accompanied by an audio piece, revealing the spoken words and innermost thoughts of the sitter. Through this diverse presentation of the artwork, the visitor becomes fully immersed in a sensory exploration of the mind. The exhibition is a whole experience for the visitor.

Talking of the inspiration for this painting, the artist said, “I wanted the raw linen to be exposed, to highlight both the fragility and strength of skin and character – echoing Catherine’s struggles with being without a home, and its detrimental effect towards her mental health.

The unfinished nature of the hair and clothing forces the viewer to engage with Catherine’s gaze, while listening to her innermost thoughts via an audio recording.

HEART ON HER SKIN, by Andrea Tyrimos
Oil paint and charcoal on linen canvas, with audio recording
100 x 100cm, 2018

“Rather than simply representing a likeness in portraiture, I use paint and audio to marry external appearance with the inner self to capture the intangible mental state of each sitter.”

This exhibition is an experience not to be missed, poignant and reflective of the issues that so many face.

Roy’s People Art Fair launches this Thursday 1st – 4th November in London’s Tower Wharf. To find out more, visit

To read more about Catherine’s story, please visit



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