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Revolutionary 90-second UFO face mask treatment and deep cleansing LUNA 3 brush ensure star achieves spa quality results at home

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, fashion designer, actress and TV star Rita Ora has joined forces with FOREO and blessed her followers with an insight into her bedtime beauty regime. 

The eight minute IGTV video, which kicks off with Rita’s new song How To Be Lonely, includes Rita practising yoga, preparing a healthy meal and taking her followers through her beauty regime. In the video Rita highlights how important looking after her skin is for self care, revealing a more technical approach to skincare with refreshingly real reviews of the latest at-home beauty gadgets.

Using the FOREO UFO 2, a device that combines full-spectrum LED light, thermo-therapy, cyro-therapy and advanced T-sonic pulsations, Rita reveals how she uses the device in her evening routine. Rita comments on the red LED light, the secret to her dewy skin, which focuses on diminishing signs of ageing and is just one of 8 LED lights within the device, each LED colour has different qualities that activate key ingredients within individual masks.

Commenting on the UFO 2, Rita says: “It gives red light LED therapy which helps the skin absorb the moisture more, which for me is amazing because I have such dry skin. With the amount I travel, I can literally just take this with me everywhere and it’s so easy. It also pulses, which I love because it makes me feel like I’m having a massage. And it’s so nourishing, so rejuvenating, it makes me feel like I am ready for bed.”

The UFO 2 pairs exclusively with UFO Power Activated Masks, which nurtures natural ingredients for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Rita Ora opts for the Manuka Honey activated mask to help with hydration, she likens the effects of the device to that of a boutique facial.

Rita adds: “Looking after yourself and skin is a big, big, big one for me. I like to do deeper cleans, I just did one with my hands but now I have my FOREO LUNA 3 and that gives me a deeper cleanse, and I’m actually not just saying this, it really does make me feel like I’ve had a facial. It opens all my pores and gets all my excess make up off that I’ve missed with me just washing my face with my hands and a scrub. I have to wear a lot of makeup because of what I do so it’s great for removing this. If you don’t know about this brand, it’s a Swedish brand and they produce deep cleansing skin devices and it just really gives it that extra oomph.”

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