Beauty Columnist Hayley Ernest explains how a new form of Cosmetic Tattooing can restore your hairline – and your confidence!

Thinning hair, receding hairline, noticeable bald patches… do these symptoms sound familiar to you, or someone you know?

According to recent studies, 40% of both women and men experience noticeable hairloss between the ages of 35 and 40. Male and female pattern baldness generally results in a receding hairline, with thinning hair on the crown and temples and can progress to complete baldness. 

Understandably, a person’s confidence can be affected when experiencing any type of hairloss and many people try vitamins, supplements, scalp camouflage makeup, hair fibres, hair regrowth shampoos and even expensive hair transplant surgery in an attempt to increase and regain hair growth.  

 “Scalp Micro Pigmentation is fast becoming an extremely popular and effective non-invasive, non-surgical solution to Hairloss”

So, what is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

SMP is a form of cosmetic tattooing which gives an effective and long-lasting solution to hair loss. Coloured micro particles are carefully tattooed onto the skin of the scalp using a specialised ‘dotting’ technique that replicates tiny hair follicles growing at a root level, giving the impression of a shaven/buzzed head of hair.

SMP can treat any area of scalp suffering from hair loss – from the front and side hairlines, the top of the head and crown area, over the entire head, and right down to the rear hairline.  Or can be performed on specific areas i.e. the crown alone where thinning hair is common. It is also effective for men or women with longer hair and can be used for densification – to camouflage the visible scalp skin and disguise hair loss by creating the appearance of a thicker, more dense head of hair.

How real does SMP look?

Scalp Micro Pigmentation disguises hair loss and cleverly blends with any existing hair on the scalp. The technique follows the client’s natural hair growth direction and the colour shade is carefully chosen and matched to the skin tone and hair colour of the client. It is versatile enough for all ages from 18 upwards; as well as all skin types and hair colours – and – usually, clients don’t tell friends and family members about their SMP, as the detail is so natural and realistic, blending in with their existing hair.

How is the front Hairline shape created?

For those requiring the restoration of the front, side or rear hairline, the required shape is discussed and then carefully measured and drawn with a white liner pencil in order to ensure accurate placement of pigment during the procedure.

A full front and side hairline can be created based on the client’s preference. Various hairline finishes are achievable; from natural and peaked, round and receding or a more on-trend angled ‘shape up’ finish. 

How long does SMP take? 

The treatment is performed over 3 to 4 sessions, each of which last between 2 and 3 hours, so a gradual build-up of density and detail is achieved over the course of a few weeks.  Results are instant and permanent.  Downtime is minimal with only a few hours of redness, unlike lengthy surgical hair transplant options.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation by New Scalp UK can:

  • Create the appearance of a more youthful, fuller head of shaven hair
  • Restore a natural looking front hairline
  • Restore part-balding, thinning crowns, or fully bald heads
  • Successfully camouflage scalp scars or patches caused by Alopecia
  • Successfully camouflage any visual signs of a previous hair transplant


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