With warmer weather just around the corner, experts have put together their tips for getting feet summer ready.

The footwear gurus at Public Desire have revealed their top tips for picture perfect feet and nails as temperatures rise.

Among the advice is removing hard skin and moisturising feet daily to avoid cracked, painful heels.

Other tips include keeping nails short and slathering on the sun cream when feet are finally exposed to sunny weather.

A spokesperson for PublicDesire.com said: “After a long winter wrapped up in socks and boots, our feet need a little TLC before we brave sandals and flip flops once again.

“It not just about making your feet look pretty, it’s also about them being in the very best health to avoid any discomfort when they’re eventually exposed to the sun.

“Removing build ups of hard skin and moisturising feet daily is a great place to start to avoid painful parched and cracked heels. These both need to carry on throughout the warm months to ensure feet look amazing right through the summer.”

Here are PublicDesire.com’s top tips for getting your feet summer ready.

1. Give them a soak

Give your feet a deep clean with a few drops of essential oil like tea tree oil, peppermint or lavender. Make sure you take extra care around the space between your toes. Your feet will feel like new when you’re finished.

2. Hard skin build up

Hard skin will build up on your feet over winter. Try using a hard skin remover or pumice stone to get rid of hard skin. Keep doing it every so often over the summer to stop it building up again.

3. Keep them clipped

Jagged, broken toenails are not a good look. Invest in a good pair of sharp nail clippers and keep toenails short and neat. Use a nail file or emery board to soften any rough edges.

4. Moisturise

Cracked heels are a fact of life for some of us, for others they only appear in the summer when feet begin to dry out. Make sure you moisturise your feet year-round. You could invest in a foot cream, otherwise a good moisturising cream should do the trick. Try sleeping in socks once you’ve applied cream to lock the moisture in.

5. Look after cuticles

Apply a cuticle remover ever two to three weeks, push back the cuticle and trim gently with cuticle clippers to keep your nails looking perfect.

6. Painted toes

A couple of coats of your favourite nail varnish always give feet a new lease of life. Match the shade to how tanned your feet. Pinks are great for early on in the summer when your feet are pasty. Once you begin to tan, a lovely coral or gold will look amazing.

7. Out in the sun

When you do finally get your sandals and flip flops on, remember to apply sun cream to your feet. Sunburnt feet are painful and could lead to UV damage.

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