Leaving aside the traditional method of creation, JUNLI spring summer 2020 womenswear collection is not focusing on artworks and concepts as inspiration but focusing on the garments attitude, which aims to shape the completed female image of JUNLI. Turning eyesight back to the night of Hollywood in the 1990s, the time without social media, the time without digital retouch. Only the memories of the film under the flash. JUNLI women are brilliant, not afraid to express themselves, demonstrate their individual characters, elegant and sexy.

In this season JUNLI created a pattern of Stanhopea Embreei to represent women. Different technology has been used to present the pattern in many different ways, such as jacquard and digital print.

Women always have a girl’s side, pursuing self-realization, naive and romantic. A girl will eventually grow into a woman, but a woman will always be a girl. Girl, you’ll be a woman soon.

Except menswear and womenswear ready to wear collection, JUNLI launched a capsule menswear collection jointly with Dormeuil — JUNLI x Dormeuil.  Dormeuil is an over 177 years old French Fabric Brand. Renew the classic TONIK WOOL collection adding Intelligent temperature control, water repellent, windproof and other functions. Combining traditional men’s bespoke “MADE TO MEASURE” with “READY TO WEAR” to create a brand-new positioning “MADE TO WEAR” collection.

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