National Museum Cardiff’s new exhibition, The Rules of Art?, is an interesting look at the importance of diversity, change and subversion.

Bring together works of art from across the world, The Rules of Art? aims to reimagine what art can be. It shows the ways in which artists, for hundreds of years, have attempted to question what it means to produce art.


AKOM150001,John Akomfrah,Vertigo Sea, 2015,Three channel HD colour video installation, 7.1 sound,48 minutes 30 seconds


It combines different mediums (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, and ceramics) to create a truly unique exhibition. The space is excellently utilised to create an environment that is open and accessible for visitors.

Vertigo Sea by John Akomfrah, one of the major new acquisitions. Other featured artists include Rembrandt, Thomas Jones, Pablo Picasso, Gwen John, Maximilian Lenz, Clare Woods, Bedwyr Williams, Caroline Walker and Clémentine Schneidermann.

The museum has combined works never placed together. The ingenuity of the collection is evident throughout. The space is used to link artworks through their shared connections with social issues today.

National Museum Cardiff said, “We are working with artists and writers to lead community partners on elements of the interpretation of the exhibition. This will explore a new and unique way of bringing a range of voices to the question The Rules of Art?”

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