It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Cardiff. The Christmas Market has returned this year with stalls lining St John Street, Working Street, Trinity Street and the Hayes.

Style of the City visited the market on its first evening of 2021 to check out what on offer.

Over 200 business will be selling locally made crafts, wears, food, and drinks across the city centre market. It has been successfully running for well over 20 years with a long-standing presence in Cardiff during the Holidays.

The outdoor festivities will be joined by Santa’s Victorian Christmas at Cardiff Castle and Winter Wonderland which will take place across both Cardiff Castle and the City Hall Lawn.

The market was a joy to visit. It was lovely to speak to all the business and to see their products, which all looked amazing.  The smell of the food stalls and the sparkling lights really make this a Christmas must-do.

Traditional raclette from TheMeltedCheeseco / Photo credit: Instagram @KateBryony


Full list of stalls

Photo credit: Instagram @visitcardiff


The Concrete Corner6 to 12 Dec 
Gelicious Melts13 to 21 Dec 
Cloverzone11 to 21 Nov 
Reflective Images11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Tracey Baker Ceramics 13 to 23 Dec 
CJB Art11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Angharad Banks29 Nov to 23 Dec 
Field Bar Wine11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Ye Green Men11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Naomi Rae Designs22 to 28 Nov 
Glassworks Design22 Nov to 5 Dec 
The Boozie Brownie Co11 to 15 Nov 
Hiraeth Candles11 to 15 Nov 
Bespoke Pet Portraits by Sarah6 to 21 Dec 
Preloved by Gaby13 to 21 Dec 
NOA Jewellery11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Claire’s Hand-painted Glass 22 Nov to 21 Dec 
Derw Coffee22 to 28 Nov 
Jewel Personalities13 to 21 Dec 
Jormae Pourri11 Nov to 21 Dec 
Sarah BuntonChocolates29 Nov to 23 Dec 
Antoinette’s Arts11 to 15 Nov 
Beacons Creative Wales29 Nov to 21 Dec 
New Pastures Home6 to 12 Dec 
Ringo’s Dirty Diner Ltd11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Caws Cenarth Cheese11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Tangled Web11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Hestia Scents29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Artisan Jewellery Designs6 to 12 Dec 
Chapel View Crafts11 to 28 Nov 
Cushions Galore and more29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Cambrian Design11 Nov to 23 Dec 
AR & ML Daniels13 to 23 Dec 
Rhian Davie Illustration11 to 21 Nov 
Shroot Ltd16 to 21 Nov 
Purple Shoots   11 to 28 Nov 
Nutty But Nice11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Canhwyllau Canna Candles13 to 21 Dec 
Sian Davies11 Nov to 23 Dec 
etoeto16 to 21 Nov & 13 to 21 Dec 
Joon Silver16 to 21 Nov 
So Scandalous11 to 15 Nov 
Little Luna Co16 to 21 Nov 
Jane Beebe Glass 29 Nov to 23 Dec 
Sian’s Emporium11 Nov to 21 Dec 
Flapjackery11 Nov to 21 Dec 
By Olive22 to 28 Nov 
Clash Art29 Nov to 12 Dec 
Il Giardino D’Indiprete11 Nov to 21 Dec 
The Noggin Shoppe11 to 15 Nov 
A Little Cup of Scent29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Kittiwake Enamels22 Nov to 5 Dec 
Celtic Seren11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Gossain Blurs13 to 21 Dec 
Rachel Hannah Art11 to 21 Nov 
Jesse Alexander11 Nov to 21 Dec 
The Unique Cushion Co16 to 21 Nov & 29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Draigenwaith Pottery Studio11 to 21 Nov & 6 to 21 Dec 
Herbs & Spices Ltd6 to 12 Dec 
Dillygoggs11 to 15 Nov & 29 Nov to 12 Dec 
Wild Shack29 Nov to 23 Dec 
Juals Candles6 to 12 Dec 
Cottage Sweets11 Nov to 23 Dec 
The Glass Lady11 to 21 Nov 
Just Clayin’11 to 21 Nov 
Bees Delights 11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Bee Welsh Honey Company11 to 28 Nov 
Landscape Photography29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Moon and Made22 to 28 Nov 
Liu Ling Ling Uk16 to 21 Nov 
Mark Lewis


11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Bears Bouquets11 to 15 Nov 
Mouse and Moon29 Nov to 21 Dec 
Ooh Lovely Lilo Ceramics29 Nov to 5 Dec 
We’d Rather Lather11 to 15 Nov 
Charlotte Manser Ceramics29 Nov to 5 Dec 
Llanmead Crafts11 Nov to 23 Dec 
The Melted Cheese Company 11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Crefft Annwn13 to 23 Dec 
Wonky Wears11 to 15 Nov 
Welsh Coast Pebble Craft11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Ewemoo11 Nov to 12 Dec 
Uneek Workshop11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Christmas Time11 to 28 Nov 
Milltir Sgwar Cyf6 to 12 Dec 
Condessa Welsh


11 Nov to 21 Dec 
Afal-Y-Graig Cider & Perry13 to 21 Dec 
Pretty Vibe Botanics22 to 28 Nov 
Jalimali Events11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Lesley Jane Jewellery11 to 15 Nov, 22 to 28 Nov & 6 to 12 Dec 
Penty’s Cakes11 to 15 November 
Calon Lan Cakes22 Nov to 5 Dec 
My Little Pests22 to 28 Nov 
Danzii Jewellery16 to 21 Nov 
NP Style11 to 15 Nov 
That Coco Company13 to 23 Dec 
Porthcawl Candles by the Sea16 to 28 Nov 
Cai Priestley Photography29 Nov to 21 Dec 
Tamlyn Ceramics22 Nov to 21 Dec 
Liquorice11 Nov to 12 Dec 
RSPB Cymru13 to 23 Dec 
Bare Essentials6 to 12 Dec 
Gray-Glass22 Nov to 23 Dec 
Tigerclub Prints29 Nov to 12 Dec 
Samosa & Sauce Ltd11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Midnight Foxes Studio16 to 21 Nov 
Severn Cider11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Little Art Box22 to 28 Nov 
Chock Shop11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Hot Welshcakes by Mum and Me11 to 28 Nov 
Celtic Country


11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Oh My Goodies13 to 21 Dec 
Liliwen Designs11 Nov to 12 Dec 
Fruits of the Forage29 Nov to 12 Dec 
Wire Art and

Jewellery Delights

11 to 21 Nov 
Mother Tucker Makes11 to 15 Nov 
Vision 21 Cyfle Cymru6 to 21 Dec 
Feathered Oak6 to 12 Dec 
Bluebell Peak Designs  22 Nov to 21 Dec 
Claire Waters13 to 21 Dec 
Sole Trader22 to 28 Nov 
On the Rocks Pembrokeshire22 to 28 Nov 
Herbs on the Hill11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Tycwrdd Crafts11 to 15 Nov 
The Crafty Piglet16 to 21 Nov 
Nook Candles16 to 21 Nov 
Coinwear11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Gift of Glass11 Nov to 23 Dec 
Woodland Trust11 Nov to 21 Dec 
Working4Wildlife11 Nov to 21 Dec 
Driftwood Designs29 Nov to 5 Dec 
By Lulu22 to 28 Nov 
Designer Florist11 Nov to 23 Dec 
 Castell Apothecary16 Nov to 21 Dec 
Meltz11 to 28 Nov 

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