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Just for once, can we all finally show some collective responsibility here, please?

Absolutely assured that some of you love working at home sat in your undies, before lolling onto the sofa to stare at the Google Box.

Well, a solid shout out from me…I don’t.

So as we move once again into an another long, lonely Lockdown, with Christmas cancelled at two minutes notice, spare a thought for those who can’t, and don’t want to, live like this for the long haul.

Yeah, yeah, before the smug pontificate about saving lives and staying home, I totally get it, and see why Wales has lurched into its third Lockdown.

But it’s perfectly plausible to comply with the cruel Corona rules, whilst also finding them deeply devastating from a personal point of view.

I also find the lack of empathy for many of our citizen’s, who brutally suffer the impact of an isolation nation, astounding.

So easy for some to sit in their cosy middle-class mini-mansion, curled up with loved ones, and the obligatory dog, in front of the log burner, posting sanctimonious statuses.

But spare a thought for the single parents, the solo dwellers, those with a harsh home life, the many who are mentally exhausted, or physically drained.

The workers whose wages won’t drop until tomorrow, those who have lost loved ones, and anyone who is missing someone, perhaps for the first Christmas, or who are themselves madly missed by a loved one.

I feel so sorry for those businesses whose food has to be thrown away, whose goods are now gathering dust on the shelves, and whose services have been switched solely online (if possible – sorry hair, beauty and leisure industry), whilst their doors stay firmly shut for the foreseeable.

This is harsh for all of us, and whilst we may be in the same storm we are so not in the same boat. Some are in yachts, some in canoes, some clinging to the lifebelt and some are drowning.

For me, Christmas is particularly poignant since we lost dear Dad on that very morning a decade ago. A 5 am phone call, a brave face whilst the kids cracked open the presents, and then a life that would never be the same again.

Against this history, I try to stay ever the optimist, clinking a quiet tribute glass late on the 24th, before furiously flinging myself into the Festive Season with gusto.

So to see my safely, securely-laid plans for us to spend some family fun with darling daughter in London snatched away at such short notice was devastating.

I know it’s not all about me, I know I am lucky in many ways, and I am resilient enough to roll with punches so I’m certainly not seeking sympathy.

It’s just, in my view, this rollercoaster ride of this crazy Corona Virus chapter is so furiously frustratingrry’ and can cause devastation for some. This Lockdown life is totally tough to take, with no sense of a strategy to see us into the future.

Christ, I’ve played the game. I’ve done the hands, face, space, thingy, made sure I masked up, stayed cwtched up in my bubble. And, like many, I accepted with good grace the complete cancellation of all those great gigs, exciting exhibitions, cool City Breaks, and happy holidays.

I’ve also made it crystal clear that I’ll stand staunchly in line with a rolled-up sleeve ready for the Vaccine.

So, of course, I’ll cancel my original Christmas, juggle the baubles to try to have some sort of celebration, and do a swift supermarket sweep to stock up on those sweet Snowballs and cheeky Chocolate logs.

I will get on with it for the greater good whilst muttering madly under my breath, and I am sure that most of us will do the same.

Please stay safe, roll with the rules, keep your happy household small, and spare a thought for those struggling with the Coronavirus Christmas chaos.

In my view, we are all under some sort of pressure so let’s junk the judgment and keep it kind.

We are so going to get through this, and I’ll see you on the other side soon as we hopefully start moving into a safer and more social Spring.

Happy Coronacoaster Christmas and a pandemic peaceful New Year.

Speak soon

Mrs SVJ.

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