A fresh, makeup-free face looks and feels glorious; however unwanted skin conditions see us reaching for concealers and cover-up products to hide unsightly problems and achieve the perfect looking canvas…. especially in daylight or for those all-important selfies!

It can be a costly affair purchasing and testing out the latest ‘must haves’ which claim to fix and correct various skin issues. Whilst advanced skin treatments using laser machines, chemical peels, fillers etc. often improve the appearance of problem areas, sometimes we just need a quick-fix cover up product.

Rosacea/Skin Redness
If you suffer from Rosacea (a common skin disease which causes redness on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead) or if you are prone to flushing and blushing which prompts redness to areas of the face, the Clinique ‘Redness Range’ is amazing for concealing these problems. Available for very fair, moderately fair and darker skin tones, this product offers optimum coverage containing a green base that corrects and counteracts redness, and also contains an SPF 15.

Eye Bags/Dark Circles
Late nights, lack of sleep and poor hydration can all result in the dreaded under eye bags and dark circles which can make us look tired and older! The Medik8 range offers an array of excellent skin care products and I’m a huge fan of their ‘Dark Circles’ under-eye awakening concealer. Enriched with polysaccharides that lift the skin, this product can be worn on its own or underneath makeup, instantly reducing the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness.

Whether you suffer from acne or just the occasional spot or two, a breakout can often make us feel self-conscious. Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is designed for acneic and breakout-prone skin and has a natural looking tint for quick coverage. Containing Sulfur and Zinc Oxide which quickly target, conceal and help to clear breakouts, this product can be used for maximum coverage, under your normal foundation, powder and concealer to ensure longer lasting wear.

Melasma/Pigmentation/Age Spots
During and post pregnancy heightened hormone levels can cause skin pigmentation issues, like those caused by sun exposure or sunbed use. Often referred to as Age Spots, pigmentation can cause skin tone to appear patchy and uneven.
La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Serum (Anti-Dark Spot Concentrate) is an intensive yet gentle exfoliation treatment for dark spot correction and visible evening of the skin. Combine use of this treatment serum with the amazing La Roche-Posay ‘Concealer Brush Pen’ which is available in 3 colours – green concealer pen to neutralise redness (scars, rosacea) yellow concealer pen for bluish imperfections (dark circles, bruises, vitiligo) and a beige based concealer pen to mask and even out pigmentation and skin imperfections

Pale/Pastey Skin
When you don’t have the luxury of a genuine sun-kissed body and are in need of an all-over colour boost, my absolute all time favourite is a St.Tropez spray tan which develops over 4-12 hours leaving skin glowing and covering pale skin or imperfections. Available at the gorgeous salon Belle Toujours Cardiff.
Remember, true beauty comes from within, but I think we can all agree that looking and feeling the best version of ourselves, can certainly help us to feel a little better too!


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