As we begin a new year we’re all making resolutions: go to the gym, find a job you love, spend less time on social media etc. etc.
But what about our teeth? Why not make 2019 the year of the smile? An easy step to more smiling is simply by having whiter, brighter teeth that you want to show off.
We’ve put together some of our favourite teeth whitening products:

White Glo Pure & Natural Toothpaste (£6.00)

This vegan, organic and hypoallergenic toothpaste uses only natural ingredients to whiten the teeth. This means it’s free from fluoride, and other potentially harmful chemicals and bleaches.
As a bonus, a free biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is included with every toothpaste. Plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to degrade and there are an estimated 1 billion plastic toothbrushes in US landfills alone. By making the switch to decomposable bamboo toothbrushes we can really make a difference to plastic consumption.

Available from: Boots, Superdrug, ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons.


Billion Dollar Smile LED Mini Light Kit (£39.99)

Billion Dollar Smile offers luxurious teeth whitening solutions that use non-peroxide and natural ingredients that are clinically tested. This kit uses the power of LED light technology to accelerate the whitening process and shorten treatment. The gentle gel helps to remove stains and whiten teeth without damaging tooth enamel and uses natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Pomegranate and Chamomile.

Available from: Superdrug.


Oral B 3D White Luxe Toothpastes & Whitening Accelerator (£5.00 each)

Oral B are known for their professional expertise on all things teeth, that’s no different when it comes to whitening toothpaste. The enamel-safe formula in their range of 3D White Luxe toothpastes uses stain dissolving particle technology to unlock trapped surface stains and helps prevent future stains.
If you really want to boost the whitening power of your Oral B toothpaste try adding the Whitening Accelerator to your routine. Used after any Oral B toothpaste the Whitening Accelerator accelerates surface stain removal and keeps your teeth whiter for longer.

Available from: Boots.


Pro Teeth Whitening Co Activated Charcoal Powder (£11.99)

Charcoal might seem like something reserved for a summer BBQ but activated charcoal has been used in traditional medicine since ancient Egypt and has long been recognised across Africa and South Asia as an indigenous tooth cleaning method. By binding with surface stains, plaque and other daily grime activated charcoal easily draws out impurities leaving you with whiter teeth. Pro Teeth Whitening Co’s Activated Charcoal powder is finely ground, non abrasive, food grade activated charcoal.
To use you put a pinch of charcoal in your palm, dip a wet toothbrush in the powder and brush for 1-2 minutes twice a day, then rinse with water.

Available from: www.proteethwhitening.coand Boots.


Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Pen (£18.99)

This compact pen is designed to be speedy and convenient, it whitens teeth in only a minute. Small enough to pop in your pocket this is ideal for using after coffee with friends or as you head out the door for a big night out. It’s also great for hard to reach places or for maintaining your whitening.

Available from:


Do you use teeth whitening products? Will you be trying any of these out?
Let us know in the comments below.


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