Stress, loneliness and unhappiness have a significant impact on your immune system and general health 

Did you know that happiness is more widely desired than people wanting to be rich?! Happiness makes you feel incredible, look great; and benefits the immune system. Tamzin Proctor looks at how we can eat ourselves happy…

How does your mood change throughout the day? Do you ever have a sense of sluggishness? Maybe you procrastinate or feel indecisive? Being unproductive can make you feel down and unhappy in your workplace. This could be linked to your food choices. What you put in – is what you get out. Alan Logan, author of The Brain Diet, agrees: “Nutrition influences the structure of our brain cells,” he says. So it really is imperative that that your meals throughout the day are mood boosting ones.

Good Morning! Try changing coffee or tea first thing to hot water and lemon for a period of 4 weeks. Boiled water and a couple of slices of lemon drank on an empty stomach helps to flush out the digestive system, rehydrate your body & boost your immune system. It always makes me feel good about myself in the morning and provides a healthy kick start to the day.

Vitamin B&D are great for uplifting your spirits. So, for breakfast try eating smashed avocado on wholemeal toast topped with a poached egg; or choose an omelette, served with spinach and asparagus. Or for a naturally sweet start to the day try natural yogurt with berries, flaxseeds and nuts.

Midway point: For lunch, a Mediterranean diet is great as a happiness booster. Rich in olive oil, vegetables, fish and whole grains, it’s also super healthy, so try to include these in your lunchtime choices. Not only will you feel the difference mentally but you will see an improvement in your skin, nails and hair too. Hey, you may even get a pay rise as your productivity soars!

Dinner time: Your last meal should be 2-3 hours before you are heading for bed and should consist of 25% protein and fat such as meat, fish or lentils (or vegan / vegetarian alternatives) 25% starchy vegetables such as sweet potato, and finally 50% green leafy vegetables, like kale, broccoli and spinach.

Goodnight… Getting enough sleep is also extremely important for your sense of wellbeing so ensure you get a restful sleep. If you struggle to sleep it may be food related. Remember the aim is is to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep – so eat the right things – at the right time.

You really are what you eat so choose bright, exciting, nutritious foods and try new exotic vegetables. Who wants to be a boring dull chip eh!

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