• Olew Curl Cream has been selling 2 every 30 seconds with a 120% increase in September. 
  • The brand tripled their orders during ‘lockdown’ as UK women embrace their natural hair.

Created by Elinor Davies-Farn with £100 in the kitchen sink, Olew has become the latest ‘curltepeneur’ to capture the natural, curly girl market. Lockdown saw a spike in sales with the Olew Collection selling like hotcakes. Olew Curl Cream has seen a further increase as consumers started to go back to the office in September selling 2 every 30 seconds.

What’s the secret?

The magical Olew Curl Cream (or Hufen Gwallt in Welsh), £14.50, is a special blend of jojoba, aloe and avocado to deeply nourish and define curls. Loved by the curly community. This naturally hydrating creme smoothes curls and minimises frizz. The rich yet lightweight Cream adds moisture, which restores curls back to their happy, original curl pattern, all while protecting your mane against sun and atmospheric damage – keeping your curls in place. It offers gentle control, has detangle and anti-static properties and improves the hair’s pliability. It also maximised body, shine, and moisture. Gorgeous!

Olew Curl Cream

The Collection

The collection was born after Founder Elinor ditched the straighteners in 2012 after years of not liking her own curls growing up and being forced to straighten her hair, due to a lack of self-confidence and pressure to conform. This carried on for years, until Elinor decided to embrace her natural curl pattern. Coupled with her experience, and frustration at the lack of natural hair care products available on the market. Through extensive research, Elinor found that most products aimed at curls contained chemicals and preservatives that could be detrimental to curl health. Olew’s collection has been created to enhance and define curls.

Olew Original Hair Oil, £12

An all-natural nourishing and hydrating hair oil without any sulfates, parabens or silicones. Perfect for curly girls, as well as fine and frizzy hair types. Packed with an abundance of antioxidants to promote hair health and shine to help you and your curls ooze confidence.

Olew Cleansing Shampoo, £14.50

Embrace your natural hair with pride. This curl cleansing formula is enriched with a blend of vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids to naturally moisturise, nourish, and cleanse the scalp which helps to boost those curly roots.

Olew Clarifying Conditioner, £15

Infused with the natural oils and enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants which the Olew naturally moisturise dry, damaged hair.

For more information, visit www.olew.cymru 

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